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50cm mini?

Mar 5, 2006

    1. I'm looking for a Mini girl, hopefully with around Unoa proportions (ie more adult frame) that's about 50cm.
      I want her to be taller than my girl who's one the way, who's about 45cm.

      Any suggestions?
      I cruised gigglegeek, but couldn't really find anything.
    2. Boohiss. >_> I saw that thread, along with a few others, but it was pretty old, so... >_> ^^; Great minds...?
    3. hmm maybe happydoll junior? www.happydoll.com

      they are slightly taller than 50 cm though

      or dollmore kid new body? quite similar to unoa, and a bittaller than most minis www.dollmore.net

      good luck!
    4. The new D.I.M. girl is around that height I think? (They have a new 60 cm head, but also a new smaller girl coming out). Looks like her body is more mature looking. There's a thread somewhere in news about the new D.I.M dolls.
    5. Well, she's probably too big for your idea, but I just thought I'd throw out there that Souldoll Clara is remarkably Mini-like. She can wear Friends 2B Made clothes as long as they have a bit of stretch, CAN wear mini wigs with some work, and is 55 cm tall. Gorgeous body, too; sexy and slim and well-defined.
    6. How is she in comparison to a mini though?
      Basically what I'm looking for is really just a taller Mini. >_> At this point, I might just have to take another doll and lengthen her legs.
    7. Like I said, probably won't work for you--she looks decidedly older than any mini she's been around despite the sizing similarities, although she and Yasuo (DoD U) didn't look half bad together.....
      Some dolly make-out shots, low quality and with her in a huge wig, but you can get the idea.
    8. That's actually not as bad as I'd thought it would be.... Hm. I'll post in the request forum for more pictures with her. ^^ Thanks for the suggestion!
    9. Dollmore Zaoll maybe?
    10. Raising this from the dead so it doesn't have to be merged.

      I'm looking to make my DM Kid taller without having to stick platform boots on him. he's 43cm and just not tall enough. Compared to my 70cm he only comes to his waist, I'd like him to come up around the pit of his chest if I could. I'd like to keep his head but even if I had to update with a whole other doll I can't even find one in that taller range. Anyone have any luck in this department?
    11. TMP - O. That's even harder than finding a 50 cm girls, because as far as I know, while there are GIRLS around that size there are like, no boys.

      SD Boys (Also known as SD10) are around 56 cm I believe... Going a bit below 50 cm, there are Lati Blue Boys who are listed at 46 cm, though that's completely naked and bald. Clothed, wigged and in boots my Rei comes really close to 50 cm. If DM kids have larger heads than Latis (which they probably do), you can probably pull it up to 50 cm in normal shoes and a slightly puffier wig.

      The body's really long-legged and mature though. And you'd probably have to mod the neck hole for any taller body you'll find because they'd have thicker necks. :)
    12. Yeah, I looked at the Latis and while they're taller their neck is a little over half a centimeter smaller than my DM Kid, who's neck is pretty twiggy.

      Actually, after I posted this and did a little more research I found that the new DIM Happy boy is 47cm, however his joints look like they have little knobs on them. The DIM normal matches the DM resin pretty closely (I've got a Minimee on the DM Adam body) but I'm going to keep looking.
      I don't mind him being leggy, though, and if he could be a little maturer that would be great; he's supposed to be a young teenager a little on the short side.
    13. Rosette school of dolls girls are Unoa sized but 47cm. They come in 2 different bust sizes - Marguerite and Fer are lady sized (large bust) and apparently very similar to the unoas. You can find them in the mini doll discussion group. They're lovely dolls. LOL. Posted at the same time as MrsJDean.
    14. Well Bobobie Luna just came out... so it's possible a boy is close. Besides, DIM boys, which I think are the tallest Mini boys out there, I could be mistaken. AE boys are 46.5 cm, you can get a better look at Mint on Card Inc. And Angel of Dream boys are 46 cm. Dollstown's boys are also 46 cm. Those are the largest I can think of <.< >.> Hope that helps?
    15. I am not sure but Dollmore makes a doll that is smaller than an SD but large than MSD.
      Just a company you may want to look into.
    16. Old thread is old, but if I made a new one, they'd probably be merged, eh?

      I'm looking for 50 cm boy dolls. Not 47, not 45, but 50. Any company recommendations?
    17. How about an Idealian51 from Soom? They are obviously 51cm, but that's pretty close.