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55-60cm Size Dolls...What Do you think of them?

Aug 12, 2009

    1. I am contemplating delving into SD size dolls and have seen some that are 55-70+ cm in size. I love large MSD's, but am considering expanding into the SD collecting world with a smaller SD , if the right one came along.

      So I have a few questions:

      What companies offer smaller Super Dollfie's (60 cm or less?)

      Are clothes hard to find for these size dolls?

      Why do people seem to gravitate towards the really large 70 cm and up size? What are the advantages?

      Is the resale of 55-60 cm BJD's not as good as for the 65-70 cm range dolls?

      Thanks for your help!
    2. What companies offer smaller Super Dollfie's (60 cm or less?)
      Bobobie/resinsoul have 58-60cm dolls
      Soom's gems are 60cm dolls
      Dollmore eve dolls are 57cms
      Luts Delf boys are 60.5cms
      Luts Delf Girls are 57cms
      Supia's Rosy,Roda and the two other girls they have are all 58cms
      Lati Red Girls are 55cms
      AoD basic super girls are 58cms
      Doll-zone 1/3 girls are 58cms
      And there are probably many more

      Are clothes hard to find for these size dolls?
      Nope these sizes are actually pretty standard , and many regular SD sized outfits should fit them, but check to see what size the company's dolls are that's always a sign of what mesurments the clothes are made to fit

      Why do people seem to gravitate towards the really large 70 cm and up size? What are the advantages?
      There is more of them to cuddle lol. Some of them also may have a slight bit more detail to their faces and bodies as they are bigger. Some people just like having the bigger dolls around for art purposes, the bigger they are the easier it is to make them look human in photographs.

      Is the resale of 55-60 cm BJD's not as good as for the 65-70 cm range dolls?
      The prices depend on the company, the doll's original price and, the condition, the resale value is in no way affected by the size as far as i've seen
    3. Thanks very much for the helpful information BatLoverGirl. I thought I would never want anything larger than an MSD size until I got my lastest MSD. He is the biggest one I have at like 46 cm and I like the size and can now kind of picture the scale of slightly larger dolls and think I would like them as well...don't think my wallet will though!
    4. Among the less popular makes, these are smaller overall/shorter/slimmer than what we all think of as the 60cm "standard" (i.e., Volks SD10 and SD13). To the best of my knowledge, they're also smaller than the dolls that BatLoverGirl listed:
      Souldoll Double girl
      Obitsu (these are vinyl rather than resin, like Dollfie Dream)
      Older Customhouse girls

      And, BTW, this is actually a question that comes up fairly often! Here are the two largest threads asking for smaller/shorter "60cm" girls and boys:

      Actually, I've always found it a little hard to dress the smaller/slimmer "60cm" dolls (I have two ShinyDolls and two older Customhouse girls, with a Lumedoll boy on the way). But then, I'm always looking for clothes that fit really well--and I would be the first to say that sometimes I'm hard to please. ;) Luckyl, if you search in this forum for the individual brands of dolls, you'll find discussion threads about clothes and shoes for just about every one of them, and that's a great way to get a handle on what works and what doesn't.

      For me, the clothes and shoes that Azone and Musedoll make, and that Souldoll makes for its Double girls, are the ones that fit consistently well on my slim and short Shinydolls. Musedoll and Souldoll have (IMHO) by far the most original and meticulously-crafted clothes, but Azone is good for basic mix & match pieces. Oh, and I almost forgot: the clothes in the Haute Doll/Val Zeitler collections are made by DollHeart to fit PeaksWoods girls--a lot of people have been frustrated because they don't fit "normal" 60cm girls, but they're great finds for those of us with shrimps.

      Otherwise, buying clothes is a hit-or-miss proposition, in my experience. I've found that individual outfits, such as the Dollheart Fer, work well on the smaller bodies, and clothes fitted to Luts/Delf girls are generally better than those fitted to Volks girls, but I have to buy and try, for the most part, rather than knowing absolutely for sure. Plus, now and then I run across a seamstress in the Marketplace who fits clothes to one of the bodies I'm trying to dress--this used to be more common, when more people owned older Customhouse girls. (Oh, Poshdolls and Wee Wardrobe, where did you gooooooo?????)
    5. Cynthia in FlintHills: Wow! It is great to hear from you on this topic too! You have given me a wealth of information to start researching!

      I know what you mean about buying clothes being a hit and miss proposition. Seems that is part of the challenge buying for all size BJD's. But, I am encouraged to find out that there still is more available for the smaller SD's than MSD's and Petite tinys ...I am so tired of having to commission everything I need.

      Sounds like lots of fun ahead finding the right doll that grabs me!
    6. I'm not sure if you're looking for boys or girls, but here are my answers:

      What companies offer smaller Super Dollfie's (60 cm or less?) There are probably more, but Luts Delf Girls and Custom House Ai girls are both under 60cm

      Are clothes hard to find for these size dolls?
      No, I have 4 Luts Delf girls, and they have a huge wardrobe!

      Why do people seem to gravitate towards the really large 70 cm and up size? What are the advantages?
      I think it's just personal preference, really.

      Is the resale of 55-60 cm BJD's not as good as for the 65-70 cm range dolls?
      Last year I sold several dolls in the 55-60cm range, and they all sold very quickly, and for the price I was asking. So I'd say the resale is quite good, just going on my own experience.
    7. 55-60cm size is quite common for SD girls, and you've gotten some great advice so far! :) It is a bit harder to find boys in that size than girls as the boys tend to be a couple cm taller than the girls for most companies. Luts Delf boys are a bit under 60cm, though (the type 3's are actually smaller than the original type 1's, but Luts doesn't aknowledge that!).

      For girls, it is not at all hard to find clothes for that size, as most clothes that are "SD girl size" are fit for dolls such as Delf girls, Volks SD's, etc. For boys it can be trickier but not too hard, unless you manage to get a really small SD boy like, say, Nobility Lie.

      IMHO the "smaller SD" size is a really nice one IMHO. They're bigger and more substantial then minis, but are still quite a managable size. Though I love the bigger dolls for their awesomeness factor, I find my 56-58cm Volks SD girls to be much easier to handle than my sister's huge Soom Heliot. Less dollie-limb flailing about to keep track of, y'know? ;)

      Good luck with your doll choices! :D
    8. Caidanbi: Thanks for the information. That is very good to know that resale is quite good. I have been in the hobby long enough to know that it is very good to have a doll you can sell quickly when another one catches your fancy.

      Dolly: Thanks for your help and good wishes! Of course I have set my sites on adding a SD smaller boy which is going to be a bit of a challenge. Would love to do a hybrid souldoll double boy, but have not found much info on what body would be a good match for a Souldoll boy head...I do love the manageability of the minis and think the smaller size 60 or less will be a good first step towards SD's.