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Aug 16, 2004

    1. ..........
    2. Hi everyone,
      What better day to unleash some wished-for clothing but May Day?

      Please help me welcome Softly She Walks to my Dollfair web site.


      There is discussion going on in the MINI section.

      This is original clothing for 43cm dolls like Narae 43, Unoa Sist and Lusis, Mini Fee, Limhwa ForYou and others....

      Thank you

      P.S. ((yay!))
    3. [​IMG]

      We're pleased to reveal two new sneak peeks for Softly She Walks Bliss outfits on Dollfair.com. These fit Unoa girls, Narae 43, Mini Fee, Limhwa ForYou and SDC girls.

      These will be revealed for sale at noon EST on June 1. Shipping of the May orders has started this week and we are expecting another box of clothing tomorrow. Separates will continue to be sold along with the LE's. They have been extremely popular, so thanks for your patience as our seamstresses have been sewing for you day and night! We received our special designer labels, and they all have been sewn into each piece of clothing. It's been exciting!
      [​IMG] <--- here's our label, twice actual size.

      And now... Lies and Redemption. Two new LE outfits on the way... mark your calendars!



      Discussion thread in MINI section: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=838258#post838258

      to email Catrina and Amy: sswbliss@dollfair.com
    4. [​IMG]

      Announcing... the outfit you have to have for your 43cm doll.
      She will look as lovely as a Japanese Lantern in the night....

      This one made the hair stand up on my head. It has everything:

      High Glamour
      Imported colorful festival fabric from Japan :D
      ..... all in one!!

      Special imported colorful fabric from Japan adds that special touch--
      get your girl ready for Obon!

      The critics are raving:

      Holy crap...Amy hit this outfit out of the park! I love the
      look!!!! -- TK

      July 1, 2006 (Saturday) 12 noon EST.

      Only twenty of these will be available. We think they may not last the weekend! Take a look at our sneak peek...


      Make a mod happy-- chit chat here:
    5. Sounds good. Real expect that.
    6. Hi everyone!

      August one, and so out comes our new August LE for mini girls...
      this outfit is great for Narae 43, Unoa girls with large or small milk part,
      Luts Mini Fee, LImhwa ForYou, Supia Yan or Yisol, MSD Cute, and more!

      Briar Rose is now available in a limited edition of ten.
      Outfit Includes:

      Rose Print Babydoll Top
      Black &#8216;Rosebud&#8217; Ruffled Vest
      Gathered Lace Petal Skirt
      Lace Trim Wristlets
      Rhinestone Choker
      Sheer Striped Stockings

      We also have fade jeans in stock as well as the ever-popular lace tee's!
      Visit our Bliss page with fashions for mini girls at:

      Bliss can be yours!



      JAPANESE LANTERN-- almost all gone-- hurry to get yours before the light goes out on this super-creative and versatile ensemble... skirt fabric is imported from Japan...



      All outfits professionally sewn and finished with our own bliss labels.
      All my mini girls enjoy wearing bliss... :D

      Discussion thread: