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Update 5stardoll: Introducing new dolls

Feb 22, 2010

    1. Hello everybody,nice to meet you again!:fangirl:

      Please allow me to introduce some of our improved and new dolls.

      This is Emily.


      This is Ryan.

      This is Emma.

      This is Ria. He is elf.

      This is Mia. She is elf too.

      Our new double jointed 1/4 boy body.
      New double jointed 1/4 girl body.
      This is the picture of skin color comparison.

      Here is photo of blank head and headcap.

      We hope we can bring more beautiful dolls for all of you in year 2010.

      If you have any qusetion,just PM me or email me at info@5stardoll.com.

      Thank you all.

      Sincerely yours.
    2. What size are Ria and Mia and are there body photos for them?
    3. Do you have any information about resin matching? That 1/4 size body looks great! I was hoping to match the resin to Iplehouse and Dollmore.
    4. Are there any pictures of the body's pose ability?
    5. I don't see any samples of the tan resin color on the site or here? Also, no info on doll head size?
    6. Hi,there are pictures of body on our website.Thanks.

      Hi,i am sorry i don't have the resin matching result. But i will post the resin comparison of white,normal and suntan.Do you know who is doing resin matching test?I can send color sample so we have result of resin matching.Thanks.

      Yes,you can check on the website body section.There are photos of body posing.Thanks.

      Oh,you will see the resin comparison later.I am taking pictures.^_^
    7. Hi, do you have any photos of 1/4 heads without faceups?
      thank you
    8. Hi mhdolls,yes,you will see pictures of them later.Please come back later and you will see it.:)
    9. These look great! Is the 1/4 girls still 45 cm. in height including head? And is it headcap or is still faceplate for the head? Thank you~
    10. Hi little_rika,the size is a little bit different now.You can check the size details on our website.It is headcap now and i am going to add some pictures of head later.Thank you for your continued support.^_^
    11. to add: has neck circumference changed as well? And will head be sold separately soon? thank you again!
    12. Hi rika,the neck circumference is 6.5cm.It is changed.The head will be sold separately.Thank you for your support.
    13. still hoping for a blank head photo of Lura.
    14. Doll*Fan sent me this Flickr album showing off the posing and aesthetic qualities of the 1/4 body:

      Posing Album
    15. Excuse me, what size eyes does 'Nikolas' doll use? ^^
    16. Hi Isamu,sorry for this late answer.I forgot to subscrib this thread.Nokolas uses 16mm size eyes.
    17. what size eyes does Ria wear?
    18. Hi Higgy,foxdragon is right.Ria wears 14mm size eyes.^_^ And thank you foxdragon!