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5StarDoll Minis discussion part 1

Aug 8, 2009

    1. I just received my 5Star doll, Ethan MSD boy. 5Star is a new company in China. I'd never heard of them when I ordered him on Ebay in an introductory offer that was inexpensive enough to check it out. I am just delighted with Ethan. His body is beautiful and nicely proportioned. He is strung perfectly and his joints are great. He holds a pose in any position easily and can stand solidly on his own. His face is very sweet with just a hint of a boyish smirk. The picture in this post is the one from the ebay listing. My boy came with gray eyes and a wig styled like the one in the photo but in a red/orange color. I am very pleased with this doll! Now I have BJDs from Korea, Japan, China and the USA (Goodreaus).


      ........Mod Notes.....

      Company website:

      DoA wiki 5Star Mini 1/4:

      5StarDoll Minis discussion part 1:
    2. So i asked 5star about why my boy's leg joints are different from the other 5star boy on the forum and this is what she said

      The body is different because we are modifying some position of the body.The typle of body you received will be our final and default body soon.
      If you have more questions,feel free to contact with us.
      Best wishes.
    3. Anyone else get this verrry elongated S-hook for the wrist joint? I plan on changing it out for a smaller one, if you're not careful when you pull out the hands, the hook scratched the inside of the forearm part!
    4. I'm having trouble finding boor Lennox some clothing in his size... he is such a tall boy. So I'm going to have a friend make him some. Where did you get clothes for your Reika?
    5. CuteKittami: I commissioned a seamstress that owns a small business nearby, I admit the clothes fit rather loose *_* but I'm thinking that the general MSD size would fit them fine. 5Star hasn't updated their site in a while, I was hoping they'd have their line of clothes soon..OH and I think I saw that your boy doesn't have the W-sit thigh joints?

      RaineFournier-awwh, it's a bit upsetting, but not everyone will like the style, which dolls did you find gorgeous? :D I admit that some of the faces are exaggerated features. :sweat: but Emma called out to me~

      huhm. I think that the photos on their site do the dolls no justice at ALL. The faceups aren't as orange-ish in person, Reika has a default faceup and it's in very nice pinkish tones. The eyelashes aren't as gaudy, either...ALSO they use the old body in the pics, so the hands look too big and the head's disproportionate to the body XD
    6. So I have a prototype body then? Funny. ^^

      After reading this thread I went to try to get him to sit like that, and there must be a trick to it because I FAIL miserably. *laugh*
    7. Tygati: hahah! It works, but then it's more like a 'right angle' sitting instead of a W shape...Those W-sit joints are really stubborn, the elastic gets caught in the slot when I try to get Reika to sit like that. Evil!

      and I failed to mention that I looove the two-part knees they have! It's a really simple structure, but makes for some interesting posing :D
    8. yeah they have knees like Pukis, makes posing easier and more diverse
    9. yep! posing is so funny sometimes cause of those knees :XD: my only complaint is the kneeling and how the elastic is exposed+having to kinda balance them...
    10. I'm obviously going to have to experiment more. I was convinced he couldn't kneel properly.
    11. They can kneel, you just have to pop calf and knee joint out from the thigh and mess around with how they're balanced. :| looks kinda bad to me
    12. you can't really see it in this shot, but I made her a dress and wanna-be mini jacket...thing out of an argyle knee-high sock.


      shot ruined courtesy of hair ribbon and rumpled up dress. ._.
    13. autumnrain: The faces look soo much better now, and so do the faceups! *_* I understand what you mean, the faces look like they would appeal to even MORE now~ They've changed so much of the body, it's a three-part torso now!

      They now have the new items up on the English site, the price for a standard 1/4 doll is $190. *which is only $25 more than they originally were. :o*
    14. misskara: 5Star doesn't list the neck circumference *I'll ask dollfan about it later~* judging by the pictures 5Star posted, the resin tones has remained mostly the same~* Tygati put a resin comparisons in their box opening thread:


      the comparisons are in the second post somewhere near the end~
    15. I'm totally in love with the new Emma sculpt. Not sure if I'll end up getting one, but I can't wait to see some owner pics of her here on DoA :)