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Event 5STARDOLL Spring Festival Event 2017

Jan 20, 2017

    1. Dear customers,
      Below is details of Spring Festival Event. Please check.
      Any questions please let us know. Our store is www.5stardoll.com

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    2. Hi! Do you sell your adult female body without the head? I only saw the adult male body on your website.
    3. I'm probably blind. Which doll is Miss S, or do you have a picture of Miss S?
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    4. I was wondering the same. Do you have a photo of Miss S, @doll*fan? :)

      Also, do you still offer tan and grey resin?
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    5. Where are the body measurements of the new Super Star male body?

      Do you have any pictures of his (Super Star Male body) knees and elbows in a bent position?

      Thank you.
      #5 Lilla, Jan 20, 2017
      Last edited: Jan 20, 2017
    6. The female body is available. Please check the parts catagory. Thank you

      Miss S is in the Star Only catagory. Please check. Thank you.:XD:

      Please check Star Only catagory. Tan and grey skin are not available now. Thank you. ;)

      Please check data sheet of product page to see measurements and we add a picture about bent position on our website. Please check. Thank you.
      #6 doll*fan, Jan 21, 2017
      Last edited by a moderator: Jan 21, 2017
    7. 5Sar use to offer normal yellow, normal pink, and white colored resin for their standard dolls. Now, the new site says that they only offer "normal" and "white" for standard dolls. (Aiden excluded.)

      What normal color is 5Sar now offering; yellow or pink normal?

      Very sad that 5Sar is no longer offering tan and grey resin! :(
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    8. Are the beast parts no longer sold with 10yr Aiden? I could have sworn they were just a little while ago.
    9. I checked the Super Star bodies under Accessories>Parts>. Are they single jointed bodies? Because the pictures are taken in such way that I cannot see the joints well enough to see anything.
    10. Is the original Star5 body going to be available as an option or only the new generation single jointed bodies?
    11. Ohh, and Elaine will be offered with elf ears or only human??
    12. It's really difficult (not possible? I think something is wrong with their site) to get to the Adult Female body on the parts page. Here's a direct link. Adult female body - Ball Jointed Doll ♔ 5STARDOLL
    13. Thanks! I figured it out earlier by clicking on the box at the top to refine the results. The link is much easier though!
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    14. Oh i love miss S ! a tiny with mature proportions <3 i really hope you make a tiny mature guy one Day !

      Is miss S limited to the event ? and Is her body single or doublejointed ? the pics are so small on my Phone , i cant tell
    15. Normal skin is more like between yellow and pink. We will have tan skin available after spring festival with newest resin comparison picture.

      The beast part is no longer sold. Aiden 10 and Aiden 5 both come with human body.

      Both single jointed and double jointed are available. The photo is showing single jointed. Double jointed mould is not finshed yet. After spring festival, double jointed version will be available. Thanks for watching.

      The old bodies are no longer available.

      Elaine is human version now. :)

      Thank you. Please follow our facebook. We will update new dolls process there in 2017. Miss S is not limited. She is single jointed.
      #15 doll*fan, Jan 23, 2017
      Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2017
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    16. I am thinking about buying a super star 70 body. Is it single jointed? I would like to get the double jointed one. So it is not available yet? It would be great to buy him while 5Star is having this free shipping. It would be nice to see more pictures of the super star body! And more info about Bright and Dark, there is no info about their head girth and wig size! Thank you very much!
      #16 Jordana, Jan 23, 2017
      Last edited: Jan 24, 2017
    17. The double jointed body will be released on March. More info about Dark and Bright will be listed then. Thank you.
    18. This has probably been answered already but will the older body type (with double joints) be available for star10 dolls?
    19. Im really disappointed about the tan skin being unavailable, i was going to buy a doll ive been saving for a while in tan during this event. Will you let us know when it will be back please?
    20. @complexCRUSH The answer about tan skin was just posted.
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