5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. Link to 5stardoll:

      5stardoll has just released 2 super sized dolls, so I thought that their new size could use a new thread.

      Please discuss the super size here! :)

      BTW, I noticed that they used names from the Chronicles of Narnia Series and are maybe trying to depict those characters.
    2. I just saw this site and joined 5stardoll. I was looking at the two super boys and I think they are wonderful! The resin is supposed to be really good and the sculpts are nice. I really like the guy Tomnus with the horns :)
      I see that they have free EMS shipping too. That is a real plus!
      They need to still add the clothing , shoe, wig, options for these dolls on the website as they say they are available but, no pics or prices posted yet.

      Does anyone own one these products? I would like to hear from an owner if they pose and are made well.
    3. They're beautiful but... I really hope they're NOT trying to do the Narnia characters because....well... no. :( But I really like them individually, just not as those characters!
    4. Ah I like the bodies and the price is nice :)
      Faces dont do anything for me though.

      Wow free EMS shipping?! COOL! *goes to look at the site again*
    5. Well, Tumnus doesn't have goat feet, and Edmund... looks nothing like the Edmund I'm familiar with, so I'd say maybe they're somewhat inspired-by, but certainly not even trying for exact. I think if they were trying for a Narnia look, they'd have more exotic clothes on. *laugh*

      I'm a bit disappointed in the poseability of the Super body though. No mobility thigh joint, and it seems elbow motion is limited. Kind of unfortunate, since their Minis are rather nice.
    6. I own a Mini, from them but I can't really say about their super size since this is their first release.
      Box opening here:

      In my opinion, they pose well and are made nicely. They usually come strung a bit too tight though.

      As for the price it's posted next to it on the top $260 for the doll and add $30 for a face-up.
      Every order also comes with eyes, wig, and shoes. They also do custom make-up at no extra cost.
      If you want the outfit all you have to do is request it, they are really good about that. :)
    7. Color me impressed. I really like both of these new sculpts, though I think I'm leaning toward like Tumnus a little more.
      Though I find I really prefer dolls with a chest joint, so the lack of one leaves me a little bit sad. :\
      The price is also very nice, especially considering what the doll comes with. I'm definitely going to be keeping a closer eye on 5stardoll.
    8. I think the names are just ones they liked and went with instead of a copying of the characters from Narnia. Maybe the scultper was watching it while working? XD

      I have to say I'm impressed with how the sculpts came out, especially at the price they did. Under $300 with custom make-up if you want it, plus freebies. :D
    9. I am considering Tumnus. I only wish they would put on the website how much his clothing is? Don't think you can beat Free shipping, free wig, free shoes. Also impressed with Tan for only $10.
      I am waiting on a email from them before I decide on him.
    10. Well, the MSD clothing runs at $20. So probably just a bit more than that, they purposely sell everything with the doll to make it cheaper so I doubt the price will be too much higher than the MSD. Many times they are even at the same price level.
    11. wow for tumnus. I wish there was more information on these guys!
    12. Hi everyone my name is Gabe and i own a Tiny 5SD Tong Tong!
      i fully recommend 5SD they're super kind and very professional, their resin is great and the dolls are beautifully finnished...!!!
      the pcs on their website don't really do justice at how beautiful their dolls really are...
      here's a pic of my Male Tong Tong:

    13. Im planning on ordering Tumnas head on a super girls body and having them do the faceup the same except make the eyebrows thinner, how hard would that be with 5star doll???
    14. We ordered an Edmund from 5Star Doll and I have to say we are impressed! Where else can you get a tan doll for only $10 more, eh? And the resin is sooooooo smooth. I think they call it their "soft touch resin". There was not a single mold or parting seam on any part of him! Not one! As someone mentioned, they do actually come strung a bit too tight. But other than that, they pose really well! So if you're thinking about ordering one, you better hurry because Free EMS shipping ends on the 15th of this month!!! Here are some pics of our boy......

      We've named him "Dastan" and he will most likely be a photographer in our photostories


      The tan skintone is exquisite! And the price can't be beat for an SD size doll! We also loved the fact that they come with shoes! Would we buy from them again? Yes!


      And I'd like to add that he shipped exactly 4 weeks to the day he was ordered! One of the shortest waits I've ever had for a doll!
    15. Becca is lovely but I think the photo might be another case of a 5Star Doll photo not doing the doll justice.
    16. Moms Tumnas on a girl body came in and she wont let me post pictures until shes completely in character. She came decapitated XDDDD and her eye faceup is damaged but shes lovely <3
    17. hate to double post but thought I'd update you on the Tumnas on the girl body situation, contacted 5star doll and they are sending a replacement head! Their customer service is WONDERFUL!!!!
    18. Very Interested in Edmund, he is so cheap! Such great deals! I hope that their free shipping is still in session.
    19. So sad to tell you, but their Free Shipping ended on the 15th of June. Still.....with the prices of their SD's, even with shipping they are an awesome deal!
    20. I would like to see a body review of the 5stardoll SD. I have two tinies and they have great bodies. Are the tall ones as good? How do they stand and sit? Do they need sueding?