5StarDoll Tinies Discussion Part 4

Oct 14, 2016

    1. Merlin's Mom and pepperonipizza, yeah, I agree, at this point it's too much trouble to dress all my dolls for Halloween. I've got too many, and whoah! on all the costumes I'd have to buy. :doh

      I do love to dress a few for Halloween, usually my tinies. I thought I'd dress my Bat Boy as Chibi Dracula, this year. I landed up liking it so much, I think I'll just leave him as the Dark Prince for a while. (I also dressed my DD BB Judy as a cute little witch.)

      I took some pictures of Bat Boy, but this is the only one that came out. (Darn!) I'll try to take some more tonight.


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    2. Rabbit-moon - he makes a perfect Dark Prince! I love his eyes :D
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    3. Wow we made it to part 4 - I may have to go and take some new pictures for new thread spam :lol:

      Edit: Here is Natalie (Nancy 2) in her fall/winter outfit [​IMG]
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    4. Your dolls and their outfits are absolutely adorable, @Merlin's Mom <3

      My poor Lelle should be getting ready for the winter season too but here she is, still wearing her summer dress :'D

      [​IMG]Lelle by Ame, on Flickr

      Those crocs are actually keyholders. I found them at a local shop a few weeks ago and they are the perfect size. Or well... they WOULD be perfect if my doll had actually two left feet. XD
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    5. Thank you Amaterasu. Your Lelle is stunning! :D. You should check out Affordable Designs - it is a Canadian doll company and they have crocs like the ones you found, but in pairs. The prices aren't bad either. Also some of the clothes like the jean skirts and tee shirts fit the 5Star dolls - my Amy is wearing those in a previous picture in thread 3.
      Edit: Hopefully this is a link to the web site AFFORDABLE DESIGNS - CANADA
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    6. @Merlin's Mom: thanks a lot! :D And omg, thank you for the tip, it sounds awesome! Those crocs are still a little pricey though, compared to the ones I had bought (for about $1, haha XD). But at least they come in pairs! : D
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    7. Oh! Merlin's Mom, your Natalie looks great in her knit winter outfit; so very sophisticated and grown-up! I love everything about it - the color, the gold accessories, and the shoes! :aheartbea

      Amaterasu, your Lelle is so cute! Makes me want a 5Star Amy so bad! The tiny crocs are a great idea! They look adorable on your girl!
    8. Thanks a lot, @Rabbit-moon! :whee: You should get an Amy too then! :D She's got such an adorable little face~
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    9. You are welcome - always try to help with what works when possible.

      Thank you - she thinks she looks quite the little lady also :lol:
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    10. Please post owner photos of your Quintas, Yami, Aiden 5 and Jay. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of these dolls and would love to see some owner pictures. TIA
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    11. Woot! I finally got a notice from DDE that my Maggie has arrived and is on her way to me! *does the happy dance* :dance:dance:dance
    12. Yahoo - great news! So about this time next month mine should be arriving. Looking forward to seeing photos of you new girl when she gets home!
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    13. Yay you guys! Exciting news!
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    14. Thank you pepperonipizza! I'm very excited to be getting her! I've got her wig, dress, and shoes waiting for her!

      BTW, Love your Avatar title: "Halloween, dolls, cats = my happy place" :aheartbea

      (I wish DOA had some Halloween emojis)
    15. That's exciting news! I hope they arrive soon!

      I'm still waiting for my Jadite - the second order I placed for the Summer Event. The first was not an issue, but I think maybe what's holding it up is Jadite's blush and face-up?
      In any case - it's not like I don't have any other tinies to dress up in the meantime. :)
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    16. Fairy Milliner I am really looking forward to seeing your Jadite- I hope she arrives soon!
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    17. It's super nice to have stuff actually waiting for your doll to arrive. That's not the way I seem determined to do it. Lol. It's like get a doll and then figure out what I want for them and then wait to have time to make it for them, which leaves me with many naked dollies! At one point there will be a doll revolt....:horror: Hopefully not too soon. :lol:

      I so wish that DoA had Halloween emojis too! I'd use them constantly. Halloween after all is a way of being. :sneaky

      @Fairy Milliner - what color did you order your Jadeite in? The blushing would definitely be slowing down your order, and oh I bet you are so excited to get her home! Jadeite is such a neat and unique doll. :D
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    18. Okay, don't have any new photos but here is a favorite of my Quintas - Tallulah
      [​IMG]Frog on the head by Kelli, on Flickr

      And here are Yami and Aiden 5 AKA Sofia and Benjamin.
      [​IMG]5 Star Yami and Aiden 5. by Kelli, on Flickr

      My Jay still doesn't have a face up but you can also find him, and all my other 5 Stars, on my Flicker - https://www.flickr.com/photos/kellis_evangelineg/albums/72157628753391795/with/22837650886/
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    19. Thank you Kelli, I am getting so anxious for them to arrive - Love your three- Quintas has beautiful eyes! I will have to go check out your Jay :love
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    20. Thank you Fairy Milliner! The USPS tracking site says my Maggie may be delivered on Monday! So hopefully when I get home from work my girl will be waiting me!

      I agree with pepperonipizza. I'm sure the blushing is taking time. Can't wait to see her when she arrives!


      Kelli, your dolls are adorable!

      I went to your Flicker account to admire your dolls. So cute! I especially loved the little sweater you made for your dolls out of socks!