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5stardoll tiny clothes what fit and what don't fit.

Oct 6, 2010

    1. Hi guys l thought that l would start a what fits and what don't fit the 5stardoll tinys thread. So anyone that has one of those can add there thoughts ect. Mods if this is no allowed please late me know.

      Here is my Rini wearing a yo-sd t-shirt and a pair of pants from Ty girls also she is wearing a pair of yo-sd socks. The hat she is wearing is yo-sd l think. I will be taking more pictures of clothes that is has so far what is has fits. She also has a pair of yo-sd sized shoes that fit but she needs to wear socks with them. Those pictures may not be good due to l'm still learning how to use my camera.
    2. Here is Rini wearing Ty dress. Rini also says come on guys you can join this as well.
    3. suggestion, perhaps if you change the subject/topic to include that its about what does and doesn't fit? I nearly overlooked this thread.

      also, to go along with this thread, the head measurment (at least on tong tong) is a little over 6.5in.

      the wig I'm using is a 6/7 faux fur by shaggies. bought it from DDE.


      and the outfit is from Impl doll (jasper's outfit) also from DDE. (bodice, pants and cloak)
    4. Hi!
      my Tong Tong can very easily wear fashion doll clothes and they fit him perfectly...
      here he is wearing Ken bermuda pants, an Action Man top and a BratzBoyz puffy vest and as you can see they fit him perfectly...
      he can also wear Monchhichi shoes and socks they fit him even better than his original converse style shoes from 5SD... they're precisely the lenght of his feet... the socks in this pic are Monchhichi...LOL:chocoberry
    5. Where do you find Monchhichi stuff?

      Thanks for doing this...best change the title of the thread though so the mods don't merge it with the discussion. DoA also has a Wiki that you can update as you discover what fits and what doesn't.
    6. To ReineDeLaSeine14 thanks and your welcome also l don't know how to change the title.

      So if the mods are reading this please don't remove this or merge it with the 5atardoll tiny talk.
    7. Click on Edit post...and then when it opens the text box look all the way to the bottom and click on "Go Advanced"
    8. Thanks to the above person. I hope the title sounds ok thought l didn't know what to put lol.
    9. I buy Vintage Monchhichi clothing on ebay, but they also sell items at Mimiwoo
    10. Has anyone tried Little Mismatched clothing yet?
    11. I've heard that ipelhouse bid tops fit and some kid clothes fit as well.
    12. Little mismatched work quite well.
    13. Anyone know of other things that fit these awesome dollies???
    14. I am also interested in this topic! I'm hoping to "nest" a bit before I order my dolly. :)
    15. Hello! I've just become a owner to two 5stardoll babies and one of them is a Amy.
      I tried her in one of my BID Clothes (a dress that I found too long on my BID Bonnie), and she's very cute, it's slightly large at the shoulders but nothing bad.

      Here she is (she's still blank and wig and eyes are temporary!)

      [​IMG]Star 10 Michelle and Star 10 Amy box Opening by Enid Black, su Flickr