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5th LeekeWorld Pre-Order

Oct 13, 2004

    1. I don't think anybody's reported this yet... apologies if it's old news!


      The Fifth LeekeWorld Pre-Order appears to be up, from Oct. 14 to 24th.

      I wonder if the braided one was inspired by Volks's braid-y wigs? The L-039 is unusual as well... looks like a big mane of 80s hair :)
    2. that's AWESOME! I want some wigs! hmm do we have to do a preorder like the old one I handled, or will we be able to preorder through the US site?
    3. Good question. ^^; If there's going to be a preorder or a group order, I definitely want to be in on it. x3;;
    4. I'll email Cassiel and ask her. If not, I can organize another group order- But I'm going to have to limit it to those inside the US only! I dont want to have to calculate shipping for people outside the USA or hold their packages. It's too much of a hassle when you have 50 wigs to ship out.

      edit: tossed Cassiel an email ^_^
    5. Please count me in for this preorder as well!
    6. Argh they better have it on the english site........ because I live in Canada. So I couldn't get into a group order *cries*
    7. o.o!!

      I love L-28 and L-26.... *siiiiigh*
    8. I'm going to order 5 wigs.

      On a side note: wow.. their model dolls are GORGEOUS! *lesigh* after I get Koji's body I'm going to have to save up for a sato snow F16 boy ;_;
    9. Ohh...I want in too. They have such gorgeous wigs!
    10. Hi guys,

      I'm emailing LeeKe now to ask about the pre-order, as soon as I get a reply back I'll let you all know. :grin:

      In the meantime, can I ask that if any of you have questions regarding the pre-order -- or anything else relating to LeeKeWorld products -- it would be great if you would email or PM me about them instead of LeeKe. I think she's finding that opening the English site has turned out to be a little more work than she had expected, and writing emails in English is quite difficult and time consuming for her.

      She's in the process of working something out about this, but in the meantime, if you guys could just throw your questions in my direction instead, that'd be great. (Believe me, LeeKe will be very appreciative -- and will have more time to work on wigs and dolls! :grin: )

      Thanks, everyone!

      - Cassiel!
    11. I definitely want to be in on this!
      *waits for details*
    12. *waits with alsma*

      I better get the wig I want now..that way I'll have it when I buy El.
    13. Just a quick note.. ^^

      LeeKe says she will be adding the wig pre-order to the site on the 15th, so please wait a little bit and then you can order them directly through her, in English. You might want to still consider a group order, though, as you will save on shipping considerably. ^^

      Unfortunately LeeKe had a big server problem yesterday so she wasn't able to get all the updates done that she wanted. >_< But it seems to be fixed now.

      More later when I get home from Uni!

      - Cassiel!
    14. I definetly want to order. There are 3 wigs I want.
      L-031 039 and 027
    15. Yay, wigs on the english site? *happy little canadian* I really want L-033.....
    16. these wigs are gorgeous...I would love to be in on a group order. will we be able to participate in the group order by paying with paypal?

      *awaits more info on the gorgeous wigs*
    17. I can possibly organize the group order again- especially if it's through paypal! it makes everything easier! no need to transfer to my bank account!

      The 22nd is payday and hopefully my scholarship check will come! it'll be 2 weeks monday and that's the time framethey gave me! Squeel!
    18. excellent, let us know when you are able to get the grouporder going and when we can send you our prospective orders :)
    19. The 22nd is my payday too. Perfect! ::oogles the wigs I want:: ^^;

      [EDIT] -- BTW, when the English site opens up, does anyone think that there will be wigs from the past preorders up to buy, like with the Japanese and Korean sites? I really dig the wigs in the new preorder, but there are old wigs that I love even more. ^^; I'd be willing to wait for the old wigs and buy them straight from the site using Paypal if it's possible. x3;
    20. if they are up i can order those as well.

      I'm going to be doing a SMALLER preorder this time. Cassiel and I are haivng a bit of a much with mixed up orders due to the large quanityt. We ended up with three missing/mistaken and three the wrong size.

      So I'm going to be limiting the order to people with only four wigs or less on the preorder. Honestly, if you're ordering 8 or 9 wigs the shipping for yourself from leeke isn't going to be bad.

      This group order is for people who only want one or two wigs but do not want to pay the $20 shipping from leeke for their wigs.

      So- if you want to do a group order with me (via paypal) and you meet the above requirements, I can do that. Since I don't have to pay until the 23rd and she accepts paypal- I dont have to wait until the funds transfer into my bank account. And since I don't have to go through cassiel as a translator, if someone just doesn't pay me, i dont include their order in the group.

      So if youre interested, please email nekoqueenbastet @ yahoo . com and title the email LEEKEWORLD OCTOBER PREORDER. The shipping cost will have to be determined after I compile a list of orders and ask cassiel tok ask leeke how much it would be for said amoutn of wigs. Well.. it should be less than $45- which is what it cost for 50 wigs. Also- i have a premiere account so i accept people who are using credit cards! But i will charge the premiere fee so i do not end up having to pay out of my pocket for wigs that aren't mine because paypal wants to take out their peice of the pie.

      ORDER PERIOD WITH ME IS FROM NOW UNTIL MONDAY THE 18th! NO LATE ORDERS ACCEPTED! From then I will give cassiel the total and then email everyone out their totals and paypal must be in by FRIDAY MORNING (EST). And then I'll mail out paypal payment to leeke.