5th Motif Discussion - part 5

Apr 7, 2020

    1. If anyone remembers- my Granado Zen (or Version3) jointed hands came in. While the joint itself fits great and the color match is pretty decent, they're simply too short :sigh They're missing nearly a cm. While the proportions work with his head, they don't work at all with his body. I wonder if Granado would agree to scale them up so they'd match... let me dream.

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    2. @meanae oh... Well, they're still very beautiful themselves... :sweat
    3. @meanae
      Aw, yeah. The 5th Motif body has such slender wrists! (Which I really love, but) definitely makes it hard to find a fit for both wrist and hand size!
      It's something like ordering shoes with a wish and crossing all fingers and toes. :XD: (I totally do this)
      Hopefully another of your dolls will love them?
    4. Yeah the heands are really well made and even wired from the company, so they hold poses super well! Too bad that they don't fit.
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    5. Oh, that's so nice that they come wired! :D
    6. @Follow-the-Wind - Oh wow! :D They look amazing! I love their outfits.

      @meanae - Oh no! So close! What a bummer. :( Do you have another doll that could use those hands?
    7. Somehow i missed the new thread, all these gorgeous boys, i've died and gone to Venitu heaven. So many dramatic looks, i love it!
      I think i know who i need to work on next from my crew. and all the hand pics are inspiring me to blush mine too.

      i've been plotting his look, and seems like none of my wigs are working out quite right. this is the best one, i like the colour, but the style is a bit softer than i wanted. this may push me into making my first tiny wig.
      he looks mighty surprised here somehow... maybe he's not too pleased about those painted on leggings.
      This is Riven.
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    8. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has heard any updates on the hand sets and default hands back from the order in January.

      I purchased a set of in-stock default hands and then was told that they would be delayed as BJDivas was waiting on them to ship out together from Mr. Cho with the 8-pack hand sets.

      I know BJDivas is swamped, so I'm just trying to see if anyone has heard news on them before repeating a question they might have already answered.
    9. Hmmm. I don't know about in house hands but I received my hand set on 3/17! Was there another order?
    10. @Mahgiep
      Uh oh! I haven't heard anything at all about mine shipping, so I hope they aren't lost. :horror::eusa_pray

      This was the order that included the last sets with the old resin colors.
    11. I'd definitely ask!
    12. @Mahgiep
      Oh blargh...thank you so much!!! I was assuming that they were just super delayed due to Covid. :...(
    13. BJDivas is alone running the business and she moved I think in April. So I wouldn't be surprised if your order fell through the cracks but she will do her best I'm sure.
    14. @Mahgiep
      Yes, with covid and the updates from BJDivas I have just been being patient. Hehe. I thought of it today since BJDivas mentioned all the squished boxes they are receiving. :(
    15. I am still waiting for my 8 hands set, but it has nothing with BJDivas to do as they'll be shipped directly to me from Korea. Instead, the fault is in Korean post. Mr. Cho has inquired the post several times and they just don't ship to Finland. Nope. They claim that there are no planes flying, but somehow post from Finland flies to Korea, and post from neighbour countries like China and Taiwan arrive here just fine, so do post from other companies like FedEx. So Korean post is a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe they just burn all Finnish planes that fly there, so nothing flies back? I was offered FedEx, but it costs 50 dollars extra, so now on I'll just stick to waiting.

      Anyhow, I am grateful for Mr. Cho's patience and how he has kept the hands with him until they can be shipped. I hope that I can see my hands this year. And the way I see it, the world likely will not stay in quarantine state forever even though covid would stay around. Big companies and the economy would take too much damage, they already have, and capitalism just won't give up like that. Not that I support such ideal, I just don't have a better proposal for keeping the world rolling. If I did, I wouldn't probably sit here waiting for doll hands.
    16. Ah, thank you @vauhtikatti
      I was assuming it was just massive delay due to covid, so I hadn't asked before. I believe the default hands were supposed to go to BJDivas and then ship to customers from there, so a bit different than when I ordered the 8-hand set which came direct from Mr. Cho, as you say.
      Well, I've sent a message now, so I will pass along what they say. :hug:
    17. Not sure if anyone is looking for hightop sneakers for their 5th Motif guys, but thought I'd pass along that these Volks ones fit.
      I had purchased them for another doll...but when they arrived they are massive! Haha, so tried them on my Venitu just to see and the fit is great. :abambi:

      Guess Victor has some new shoes? :lol:

      My hands are in the mail too! BJDivas said that the delay was due to them moving and them being down to one person. I'm so excited for them to arrrriiiiiiiiiive. I got a shipping notice that they are delayed though. Ahhh well....being patient, being patient.
      :: does patient dance :: :celebrate
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    18. Victor got new haaaaaaaaaaaands. :chocoheart


      (Uh, different new hands...lol, just saw my last post)
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    19. @Lady Ravenswood congrats and - omg that colors, posing, hands, literally everything! *fangirl sounds* <3<3<3
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    20. Oh gosh, those hands! :D This photo is everything, he's so divine!
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