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60cm Dollinian at Gardenofdolls.com & More BJDs to come!

Sep 4, 2007

    1. I now have 60cm Dollinian dolls or bodies in stock! Please go to DOA link for more photos:
      Gardenofdolls.com will have 6" Tiny BJD "Moona" by Tinybear Carrie.
      She has such a mysterious look about her. It will be a special
      edition. Join the Yahoo group for announcements.

      Also, Gardenofdolls is planning to have 43cm Mini sized, and 23cm Blythe sized dolls within the
      next few months. We're in the process of making our own BJDs. I hope
      to have many interest.

      ***BE SURE TO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER when you visit, as the website has
      undergone a huge renovation.

      Thank you,
    2. Oh great! thank you for letting me know.
      They come with default makeup as shown on photo, which is by Bobobie, instructed by Tinybear. All of her dolls come this way I believe.

    3. Ive finished the Pattern that will be sent with your dollies
      Ashley , they are now finished and packed up
      they will be shipped Monday ...:)
      they will all be with you very soon
    4. Oh Thank you Tinybear! I thought you said you're sending them out yesterday, so I told some people they've been shipped to me. I just don't want people to think that I've mislead them. I'm looking forward to these dolls, and I'll post more photos once they're here. I had to remove all of my dollhouse furniture because of my 20 month old baby, but if I can find the time, it would be so much fun to put them together again in my dollhouse, and take lots of pictures.


    5. On their way :) sent out today
    6. update, now 60cm dollinian in stock!
    7. Hi
      I was just checking out your new 60cm girl and I was wondering do you sell the body by it self without head and do you ship to canada.
    8. Hi,
      Yes, you can deduct $10 from $220, so it'll be $210 without the head, and only because some people are requesting it that way. These dolls come with the head, and I had no choice in that. I just found out that shipping to Canada is $20 but insurance is extra $4.40
      Thank you,