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60cm Ruri Hoshino doll

Mar 28, 2006

    1. She uses the Obitsu 60 body, though. I thought Obitsu 60s were allowed on this board? Did that change?
    2. I could definately tell by her hands that she is on a Obitsu body. It isn't all that uncommon for Obitsu to make those kinds of dolls.
    3. To my knowledge, Obitsus aren't considered to be BJDs as far as the board's definition goes.

      edit: my post apologizing for this reply got deleted, so I will mention here that I didn't know Obitsu's were allowed since someone else was telling me they were not and they didn't cover the points system...sorry!
    4. Obitsu 60cm dolls *are* allowed on this board, at least according to the rules that I read :)

      Otherwise, Dollfie Dream 2 bodies wouldn't be allowed on as well, since they have a similar internal skeleton.

      -- Andi <3
    5. Oh yes they are! Read the rules, they grandfathered in Obitsus and DDIIs...and have agreed when the new male Obitsu comes out that we can talk about him too!
    6. http://www.azone-int.com/cct/nadesico/ruri.html

      She's being made by Azone, and has a 60cm Obitsu body. Azone has made a few other Obitsu dolls based on characters before, including one from something called Tokyo Weather Forecast, and also larger versions of their 1/6th dolls. The only difference between a doll like Ruri and a customized Obitsu is that Ruri has rooted hair (much like the rooted Dollfie Dream heads that Volks sells) and a pre-painted face.

      She's basically a "finished" Obitsu doll. ^_^
    7. azone 60cm bodies use the obitsu 60cm bodies. and yes in the rules it says 60cm obitsu as well as dollfie dreams are allowed on this board. On that note that doll is amazing to bad i highly doubt we see them sold in large quanities