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65cm - 70cm poseability?

Aug 9, 2009

    1. I'd like to know about your 70ish dolls. How well they stand, what any of their quirks are, etc. Please tell me what doll you have (make & model (lol)) and what you like and dislike about the poseability of it/them, if you have needed or desire modifications like sueding, etc.

      Thanks so much for your help.
    2. My 65cm Super Gem body poses extremely well, though it's a bit stiff backed. I have several Dollshe boys, and as much as I love them, they are not the world's best posers.

      Part of the Dollshe problem is that their feet are really too short to stabilize the height very well. I do love the Dollshe slouch though, and that may well be why the Super Gem seems stiff to me.

      Wiring and sueding helps the taller dolls with pose ability.
    3. My friend has a 70cm, poses very well. I have 60cm Abio Angels, so anything compared to them poses well :P
    4. For 70 cm dolls, I have 2 soom dolls on hooves (heliot and amber), 1 feeple (ashley), 1 souldoll (chiron human) and 1 dollmore model (ha yarn cho).

      For my Soom ones, they stand pretty well. At first it is a little bit of trying to find the right balance, but now I find the balance quite fast and they stand very well. They are also very well at posing with the double joints in the arms.

      I really LOVE how my feeple poses. She can do a lot of different poses because the double joints. She stands pretty well on her flat feet and in flat shoes. Shoes with heels are a bit harder to make her stand, but if you found the correct balance she is very stable.

      For my dollmore model girl, she is really hard to balance. But I think that the reason for this is her outfit. She is a white vulpes edition with 3 heavy tails at the back of her outfit. Which makes her harder to balance ofcourse.

      My chiron is also very posable. He also has double joints and he stands pretty easy. He is also very stable when he stands.

      I have hot glued my dollmore girl and now she stands a little bit more stable. For the others, I might hot glue their arms so they keep their poses better. They don't really need hot glue in the legs, in my opinion.
    5. I have a Super Gem boy, two Dream of Idols, a Model Girl, and I had a Dollshe body for a while. (Old-style)

      Dollshe: Hated it. I never once got him to stand unsupported, and finally sold the body in disgust. Sueding, armature - nothing helped. Some people get fabulous results out of the body somehow, but it sure never worked for me!

      Model Girl: When she's sueded and her stringing is nice and tight, she cooperates nicely. You do have to be careful with the hip joints in particular though - they're very loose and tend to slide and rotate very easily. She also does have a locking tab for her torso joint, but it can pop out of place, so one has to be careful of that when trying to pose her (I just hold her torso and position it last) because if it pops out, it can send her toppling right over.

      Super Gem: He was extremely loose when he arrived and wouldn't stand or pose, but tightening his string like crazy fixed that. The hips are still a problem area - definitely sueding is a good idea there, and in the shoulders too so his arms don't fall immediately out of a pose. I'm not such a fan of the three-part torsos myself, I prefer a high chest joint rather than a low waist one - especially when standing I find it tends to pop and throw the balance totally off and you have to start over. But it does allow for more natural sitting poses.

      Dream of Idol - my absolute favorite of my big dolls, hands down. Neither of mine are sueded and I've never touched their stringing, but they behave wonderfully for me. They are rock-solid when I stand them, and they have the extra thigh joint so they can have a wider range of leg poses, but it doesn't slide around and compromise stability. You do have to sort of unhook their knees to bend their legs, you can't just push, but that's one reason why they're so stable when standing (the knees won't just buckle) so I don't really consider that a flaw. The only disadvantage I could possibly mention is that their arms are a little snappy and like to go back into neutral position, but that's an issue with almost every doll I have anyway so I don't really notice it that much...
    6. I have a 68cm Domuya Flexi Perennial and like her so much that I am toying with the idea of getting another one... although, I am also eyeballing Dolkot since they have interchangeable elf ears (dreamy sigh!)

      The Domuya body poses extremely well. It has a lot of engineering to it, so that there are little hidden grooves and notches that serve to make it hold its pose. However, if you get the model kit (and if I ever get another one I will do this) you might want to see if they will put it on and string it for you there. It is TERRIBLE to try and restring a Domuya body! Eek!

      Jen 8)
    7. I love the feedback on the soom supergems
      Can anyone speak for the Buddydolls, Raurencios, Resinsouls, Unidolls, and anybody else??
    8. I'm interested in this as well, particularly Raurencio vs. Unidoll.
    9. Wow! I'm glad that someone posted this, I'm quite interested aswell!
    10. Resinsoul girl, here. She sits beautifully, arms and legs are very posable. She has the extra thigh joint, and a joint under he breasts to slouch, although actually her breasts are big enough to prevent her from doing too much in that direction. ^_^' Her ankles pose very well, her wrists tend to pop straight back into default position.

      Standing was a big problem until I hot glue sueded her - before that, she tended to lean back like she was trying to do a blackflip, or rotate suddenly to the right, or bend her legs, anything she could think of. Even my girl, with her elite engineer balancing skills, couldn't do it.

      Hot glue sueding worked wonders. (She's still not about to stand on one leg or anything, at least not with my balancing abilities, but she stands firmly.) I think it's kind of essential to suede if you want an RS girl to stand, because the ResinSoul resin is very sanded and the joints need something to grip onto.
    11. Isabeau, I would also like to see a real comparison but I'd also like to let you in on a tidbit I received from my friend Lucyhayashi. She told me Raurencio used to make the Unidoll bodies, here is the thread where Racius (Raurencio sculptor) says she used to make Unidoll Real *thread* see post #6

      Which could explain why both bodies were at the very top of my list. However, I'm told that the Raurencio body is ...more updated so to speak.
    12. Thanks for the link, DanceCat! I'm interested in the poseability issue because I really don't like the sculpt of the Raurencio body's legs, and I would like to get a Calian. I know the resin is a match with Unidoll, but there are things I don't like about the Unidoll body either-most specifically the pencil neck. The body I would want would probably have the Raurenciao torso and arms, the Unidoll hands and legs. So since they're both about even in the problem department as far as I'm concerned, the poseability would be the tie-breaker.

    13. This is very true!! I don't like Raurencio's hands either, but since I want the jointed hands I really decided to look past it. Also, I'm more concerned with the torso part looking best anyway, the legs are actually my last concern since my boy will have long pants on if nothing else :) at least 95% of the time anyway.
      But you have a good point, and I would love to know the differences between these two boys too.
    14. The way the torso part looks and poses is what I look for the male bodies, when it's the female bodies I look at torso, poseablity, and legs (yes this includes feet!)

      Anyway...does anyone know how the Buddydoll M, Dolkot MDK 70 Model, Spiritdoll, and Iplehouse EID bodies are? I've been wondering about those and their poseability.

      I know this thread say 65 to 70cm but if everyone wants to know that the SOOM Mehcas are okay at posing (unless sueded it does wonders) , but since they are soo big they are a bit unstable and are liable to fall over especially when standing. Well, that how it was when I was at a meet up and was asking a bunch of question to the owner.
    15. :bump:bump:bump

      :crushed monster wants to know more
    16. Spirit doll boys pose beautifully! LOVE them! They can pose rings around most of my other guys. The only minus is that their elbows are jointed side to side instead of front to back so that can be a bit awkward, but I've learned to deal with it fine. The range of motion in the rest of the body more than makes up for it.

      I also had a Raurencio STudio guy and he posed fine, stood like a rock, but since he only had the waist joint, no torso joint his upper body didn't have any flexibility. THe waist joint didn't move very much either.

      I love my EID guys too. I think they pose great. Love the torso joint, it appears seamless almost. The double jointed knees and elbows take a bit of getting used to (at least they did for me), but I think it poses well (not as good as my SPirit doll guys, but still pretty good for a 70cm buff body)
    17. How well do 70cm Dollzone dolls pose?
    18. My understanding is that Luts Super Senior Delf (SSDF) body is an incredibly adept poser. However, I don't yet own one myself, so I can't speak to it personally. It's also 70.5cm tall.
    19. more bumps!
    20. Just a bit more on the EID guys. Unlike you, JinCIncy, I find them to be rather awkward posers. The lack of a waist joint means that they are almost impossible to sit unsupported and there is no way you are going to get them to lean forwards. The elbow and knee joints take some getting used to and, whilst you can get a very good degree of arm flexion, it takes a lot of work (you basically have to slide out the inner joint, flex the arm, and slide it back in again). It is the same with the knees, and the knees in particular have a tendency to slip out of their joints all by themselves, meaning that you have to remove trousers to relocate them. Also, when dislocated to get that degree of flexion, they do look rather odd.

      Also, I find that the upper torso joint is not that useful. Given their extreme (but delicious) bulk, any movement of that upper torso joint looks like the top half of his body is about to topple off (it's not, but the chest ends up looking very disjointed).

      So, yes, in spite of their (over?) engineered bulk, I am not that impressed with the flexibility of the EIDs. It wont stop me getting another one, though...

      And, to give a few more, Dollmore Model boys are adequate posers. They have a reasonably good range of movement, although they don't hold a pose that well. However, wiring the arms works wonders. They also have a very distinctive stance, which might not work for all characters. The neck juts forwards, the arms tend to be tightly strung, meaning that they ping up from the elbow, and the upper torso joint is a bit slidey. This means that DM Models have an "I'm a little teapot" look to them.

      And I actually like the old Dollshe body as, although they wont stand for toffee, the three-part torso does allow for some very natural poses. It just takes a bit of getting used to.

      And finally, my best SD-sized poser is my cheapest body, a Demon Garden boy. He stands like a rock, can raise and hold his arms with ease and has a good range of movement in arms and legs. The only possible disadvantage to some might be that he has a quite straight-backed stance. However, I think it makes him a perfect ballet dancer and I really like it!