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65cm girls - SOOM Super Gem vs Volks SD16 - anyone know?

Jul 22, 2008

    1. I couldn't find an existing thread on this, so if it's already been discussed, sorry. ^^;;

      I was wondering, how does the SOOM Super Gem girl body compare with the Volks SD16 girl, size-wise? Can the SOOM high-heeled feet wear the SD16 shoes? Can they share pants?

      Thanks in advance for any help! :aheartbea
    2. SD 16 girl pants were too snug and too short for my Dia. Elfdoll guy pants so far have fit her the best.
    3. I doubt that the Soom girls can wear the SD16 shoes. SD16 high heel shoes are very high and arched. SD16 girls also have smaller feet proportoinately than other girls of similar size.
    4. I really wish companies would give measurements! You know, "This shoe fits a 7cm foot". How hard is that?:rolleyes:
    5. Here's a basic comparison of measurements between super gem, SD 16 and model doll that I posted in the beryl thread:
      Super Gem


      Model Doll


      Unidoll Real Girls:

      Bust: 27cm
      Waist: 18cm
      Hip: 28cm
      Arm: 19.5cm

      Super Gem are too large in the bust for most things. I've found some Model doll stuff fits Soom, but its hit and miss at times. I have a friend who has an SD16 body but I'm yet to see if her shoes would fit the soom heel feet.
    6. Kawaii_mon, thanks for posting this comparison info; I found it very useful to see at-a-glance the differences, and have just been able to quickly buy some clothes for my incoming Beryl (second owner)! :)
    7. I don't know if this will be of any (more) help, but I did post some comparison shots of a couple of dolls, including a Super Gem girl and SD16 girl.


      As for the high-heeled shoes, the one pair of Volks shoes I have is a decent fit. The Super Gem's toes don't go down quite as far into the toe of the shoe as the SD16's, so long-term stability might be a slight issue, but the arch of the foot is similar, and the Super Gem's heel fits snugly into the shoe.

      With pants... probably not. You'll see in my photos that the Super Gem girl is much more... moreso :sweat in the hips and thighs than the SD16G. Lengthwise, though, they're virtually identical.