Update 6MM 8MM sizes glass eyes are now available [KOK DOLL COLLECTION]

Apr 12, 2016

    1. Hello, everyone,

      Thank you very much for your love and support to KOK DOLL COLLECTION.
      Now we bring size 6MM for following glass eyes:
      A-01,A-02,A-03,A-04,A-05, A-06.
      Cat eyes: CA-01, CA-02,CA-03,CA-04.

      8.5 MM eyes: A-01,A-02, A-04,A-05, A-06.
      9MM eyes: A-03 , CA-01, CA-02,CA-03,CA-04.

      Link: items in store on eBay!



      Thank you.

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    2. Will the 6mm A-01 and A-04 ever be available in 8mm or 10mm? Or is that not possible? *keeps fingers crossed*
    3. Hi, Kyra, right now A-01 and A-04 instock size is 8.5MM, 10MM size can place pre-order , waiting time is around 20~30 business days. Thanks :)
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    4. and a revision: A-05 and A-06 available sizes are 8MM .