70cm-73cm display cases

Oct 11, 2020

    1. Hey all,

      I want to ask if anybody know where I can buy display cases for a 70-73 inch tall boy/girl?
    2. The Ikea Detolfs are great. Here are examples of them with dolls displayed inside. I have two myself but I use it for figures and other small collectables.

      Edit: I forgot to mention the shelves are really easy to remove. You just lift the glass pane and that's it.
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    3. Wow, thank you!! I've also been looking for a shelf/display case for my dolls and didn't know there was such a good option right in Ikea!
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    4. I've uploaded some photos to show what mine looks like compared to my DF-H Nan Gong. Here and here. (Sorry I'll eventually figure out how to properly display an image on here lol.) figured it out!

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    5. That's perfect...! Aah, but of course, I found out that it's currently out of stock in my city... I'll have to wait. :'( Thanks again for the photos!! By the way, sharing this 'cause I got a light chuckle when I tried to see if I can get the display shelves right away:
      Hm..? Well, if I can wait a few months for dolls to be delivered, I suppose I can be patient for Ikea to at least let me know an ETA of stock..? xD
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    6. Wow, Ikea really does have some nice options to display dolls! Thank you guys! I did end up getting 2 detolf shelves for my dolls - but now I realize that I need more for my growing doll family. :lol:
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