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70cm+ boys - which have the best posing skills?

Mar 19, 2009

    1. i have a dollmore haneol moon, the way he poses frustrates me... his knees pop out and twist and his torso pops open, even with wiring he is still floppy. i am looking for a great posing larger male doll (70cm and up) suggestions? i have been thinking about a Soom Mecha Angel because i love the articulated hands. so i have some questions...

      how are Mecha Angels with posing?

      do Mechas have the single knee joint that pops open or are their joints doubled?

      where did dollshe go?! have been looking for the Saint, Hound or Bermann...

      any other suggestions?

      thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions, had a bunch! sorry! :eusa_sile

    2. Have you tried sueding? As for Mecha angels, I wouldn't know, but I did once own a Dollshe boy. He was a little floppy but with a little prompting I could get him to stand and even hold my Mini Fee Shiwoo on his back. Dollshe has also recently made a comeback, I think there a discussion topic about it in the large bjd section. Hope this helps.
    3. Angell-Studio 70cm boys are really sturdy, to the point of perhaps being a little tight (that's how I felt in any case) but they stand really uber well ^_^
    4. Have you checked out the [thread=239024]Pros and Cons of Soom Mecha Angels[/thread] thread?
    5. I have a rather low tolerance for bodies that have "posing issues", but I was quite pleased with DoD's Dream of Idols. They're about 70cm, maybe a smidge more, and I found them very easy to handle and pose, nice and stable. ^^ Good luck in your search!
    6. Senko: have sueded him before... maybe that and his wiring now will make him a lot sturdier! will give it a try. will check out the dollshe posts... thanks!

      Ehryn: ooo... handsome good standers?! will keep them in mind! hehe...

      idrisfynn: aww! thread made me sad! i love the SOOM look, but bad sitters and standers... :cries!: i use my dolls mainly for pictures... so posing is really important. :( thank you for the information though!

      Dolly: DoDs! like their idols as well... great sculpts!

      also looked at dollmore again... they have glamor models now... tall and they fixed the knee joint! may have found my next guy! :D

      thanks for the help and suggestions everyone!
    7. :bump: still looking for my next boy, i like the more masculine sculpts... taller the better and good poser, with double joints! anyone gotten pictures of a Dollmore Glamour Model? :nowords:
    8. If you wire and suede your Haneol Moon he will pose a whole lot better. The Model boys are actually among the best posers of the larger males.
    9. The Spirit Doll boys are double jointed, have beautiful long, lean bodies and I"ve found they pose wonderful.
    10. We have an LE Dollmore Model M. Even without sueding and wiring he is a GREAT poser. He would only be BETTER with sueding and wiring. The one we have is a hard act to follow; because of him many people, who see him, become Dollmore converts. :).
    11. thank you so much for the help everyone!

      JinCIncy, think i am in love! dont think i have ever seen a Spirit doll before, can not stop drooling! think my mind is made up to get the Echium sculpt, but with dark features. mmm.... so lanky and handsome! so excited to order now... heheh. thank you for recommending them! :XD:

      aaaand... an embarrassing question... are their... boy parts :sweat poseable?! i noticed... differences. :blush
    12. Thank you for this thread >.< I had a similar question in the back of my mind, so this helped a lot.
    13. The Dollshe DSAM32s.
    14. My Luts SSDF body stands like a rock, and holds poses really well. :3
    15. I have a Sabik and he poses really well. I love him.
    16. LOL! There are 3 different "positions" of boy parts that are held on magnetically. They are made of resin as well, so not poseable once they are attached, LOL! I love my guys though. They really do have beautifully sculpted bodies!
    17. have you looked at threads of the Iplehouse Superhero (EID) boys. All manly resin and they seem to be able to hold a pose/great flexiblity!
      Good hunting
    18. *_* gah... changed my mind again! i am sold on the DSAM 32 dollshe Saint, have wanted that sculpt for so long. :he is just too gorgeous!: and hopefully SOOM will restock their articulated hands soon. big decision because i dont plan on buying another body, just want one tall, great male and female poser, then buying just heads from now on.

      thinking about the name Gallows. hmm... now to start saving moneys and waiting! :...(

      oh.. Zagzagael, :your boys greatly influenced my decision!: :3nodding: do you recommend the seam sanding, does it make much difference?

      thanks again everyone! :hushes now: