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70cm doll sizing for shoes, wigs, etc?

Sep 6, 2006

    1. Firstly, I apologize in advance if this thread subject is something that people have seen many times before; I'm very new to the whole BJD thing, but I've been finding that the more information I try and find on my own so I don't bug people with newbie questions, the more confused I get. (Oops!)

      Anyway, I'm going to be ordering Dollmore's Ipsae and Dollshe's Van soon, and I'd kind of like to get outfits for them too so they don't have to sit around being bald and naked. But since this is a birthday/Christmas gift to me, I have to be as sure as possible that what I get will fit and be what I want, because it's got to last me a while!

      I've heard things like "SD13 boy shoes may fit Hound size feet" and suchlike, but a lot of the stores I've been perusing don't seem to have useful information like shoe measurements, they just have things listed by category. So I'm hoping to get as specific information as I can...

      Clothing: I'm assuming on this front that because they're so tall, nothing except what is specifically labeled as "Hound size" or "Model Doll size" will fit? (Clothing hopefully won't be a problem for long - I sew, so I can make what I want! :) )

      Shoes: Is there any way to tell if SD13 Boy shoes are more or less likely to fit Van if they don't have measurements listed? Does it vary by manufacturer or something? Any type of shoes (boots maybe?) that are more likely to be problematic? And Ipsae's feet are smaller than Van's (8cm instead of 8.7) - is there any chance I might find shoes in other size categories that might still fit her?

      Wigs: What information do I need to figure out what size wigs to look at? Will just the head circumference do it? I have seen 8/9 wigs recommended for Hounds, but Dollmore also has Ipsae modeling the same size wig even though her head is smaller. I'm confused. :sweat Also, if they don't have numbered sizes - should I be looking at "SD size"? Is it generally better to wind up with a wig that's a little too loose than one that's a little too tight?

      ...Er, I'll stop now. :sweat

      Sorry for the flood of questions, and thanks in advance to anyone who might have answers. :)
    2. SD size wigs fit and I just follow Hound Sized Clothes or Model Doll clothes for 70cm dolls. Shoes are usually labeled Hound sized as well, but I dunno that one myself.

      Wigs - 9/10 or an 8/9 at least. Hopefully someone with more answers can help you!
    3. Actually, Van has a tiny head--someone just received her Van in the Incoming Dolls section, and was shocked to find he takes the MSD size wigs, 7/8 or so. :o

      I'm sure someone's posted the size the Model Girls take, but I can't recall where. sorry.

      Ann in CT
    4. Whoa - really? How bizarre! I knew that Saint needed smaller wigs, but when I checked the head measurements, Van's head was listed as being bigger, the same size as Hound...

      I'm beginning to think maybe I should just order multiple wigs in different sizes so I can be sure of having one thing that will work! *_*
    5. My Dollshe boy only wears things specified as being for his size, most of it purchased from iplehouse, but I've found that he fits some SD13 size pants if you cover the fact that they are too short by pairing them with long boots. If the outfit comes with shorts or 3/4 pants then it's not an issue. Most sleeveless shirts with some stretch in the fabric fit him well enough.

      All of the SD13 size boy shoes I've bought from DollHeart and Luts have fit Magnus. If you buy boots make sure they're not a fitted style like these, or they won't close properly around his calves. Most boots in this style fit him just fine. (Disregard this after you read Zag's post)

      Even with my Bermann, whose head is larger than the newer Dollshe boys, I find that some SD size wigs like the ones from Luts are too big and sort of float around his head. He fits most fur wigs nicely (and they can be trimmed to size), but he usually sticks to his Dream of Doll wig. It was a bit tight at first but now it fits like, well, a dream. ;)

      Hope some of this is helpful! :daisy
    6. Mmmmm...Bermann has smaller feet than the Hound-style bodies. :( None of my Dollheart shoes will fit my Saint or my Bernard. But my dollmore brogues fit wonderfully!

      Clothing wise - I have found that only Hound-sized clothing fits properly. I did manage to get the Luts Roy set to work on my Bermann and it was gorgeous and fun - but the pants are knickers.


      tensiya.com and dollmore.com and iplehouse.com have been huge sources of exquisite DollShe shopping for me. Although my boys are - for the most part - not dressed. Hee~!

      And yep, I thought I read that Van was in line with the other new molds - Bernard and Saint - with the smaller head. There is currently a thread about wig size and the DollShe boys in the Request SubForum -

    7. OH NO! St. James has been eyeing Van since his release, she'll be sad that Dollheart shoes don't fit him. :(

      Perhaps I can try to get some optional feet to mod down to size...if he's wearing shoes and socks no one will know!
    8. I wanted those DollHeart cross shoes with a frothing longing for my Angelic DollShes...but I don't think they're going to work. I've got several DollShe shoes and boots and not only do they not fit - they really look too small next to the lanky boys. I've got these totally cool brogues from Dollmore that are boats on everyone else and are perfectly appropriate for the DS size.

    9. Thanks for all the advice! :)

      I think I'll go conservative this time and try to make sure I get clothing and shoes that are listed as Hound size; now the only tough part is the wig. I looked up Van's head measurements on Dollmore and Luts, and both said 23.5cm... but Iplehouse says 22! Boy, they aren't making it easy for a new confused buyer...

      I guess maybe I should go for both a 7/8 and a 8/9... with any luck, even if the 8/9 is too big Ipsae can wear it instead...? :sweat
    10. I have two Dollshe boys and both Models.

      The Models are a true size 8 wig, so 8/9 is the way to go. Monique wigs fit them REALLY well, the best of any I have found.

      My Husky is also a true 8, though a 7/8 fits him but very tightly. My hounds head is a little bigger, and he can even wear a 9/10 in a pinch.

      Most SD13 shoes fit both my boys, they also fit the models though the model feet are narrower. Finding feminine shoes for the Models is not an easy task. These leather ones from Global are the best I have found so far, aside from the ones that Dollmore makes.
    11. Most of the Korean makers of shoes are making shoes larger these days because of all the different sized dolls out there now.

      Luts and AjumaPama are two that I carry. idrisfynn is correct, you have to worry about the calf. Most zip boots won't zip. They have to either tie or both zip and tie.

      Dollshe boys arms are longer also, so be careful of sleeve length if you aren't buying clothes made for them specifically.

    12. Thanks for the advice! I think I'll definitely get two wigs in the different sizes, especially now that I know that the 8/9 size will fit Ipsae even if it won't work for Van. I hadn't thought SD13 shoes would have much chance of fitting Ipsae - since you said that it's hard to find feminine shoes, do you mean that only the SD13 Boy shoes are big enough for the Model feet, and the SD13 Girl shoes are too small?
    13. van's official listed head measurement is a bit off, i think. I haven't used a tape measure to see for myself, but it seems that his head is smaller than they say. i'm glad I didn't buy any wigs in preparation because 8-9, 9-10 sized wigs would swallow his head. from what i've read mini size wigs would fit and currently looking for suitable ones..

      question: luts boots listed as 9cm inside, would they fit the dollshe hound body?

    14. Yes, only the SD13 boys shoes are long enough for the Models.
    15. Have a Saint at home...can measure if you want. Anyhoo the wigs I found that fit best are the 8/9 wigs. I bought two in the same style to compare and the 9/10 one is huge on him and I had to pin the inside for it to even begin looking right on his head. The 8/9 fits and looked beautiful.

      Shoes are tough. Feet aren't as wide as DoT but are lengthier and still broader than other SD sized feet. Best idea is to check out one of the Hound question threads here for exact shoe makers and clothing companies to buy from as well as which kinds if they aren't specifically labelled for Hound
    16. Does any one know the best wig size for a Hound? x_x;
      I know she's basically asking the same question, but I need to be sure incase Van's head is smaller or whatnot. And I don't want to make a repeat thread. >>;

    17. Hound wears an 8/9. but can wear a 9/10 especially if the cap is the stretchy kind.
    18. Thank you everyone!

      My husband says we can order the dolls tomorrow, now that I've picked things out with the help of all this advice. I'm really excited! ^__^
    19. Thanks! <33
    20. I'll go home this weekend and take pics of the two wigs (same style one in 8/9 and the other in 9/10) so you can see the difference (non stretchy wigs)