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70cm DollZone Dolls - opinions?

Oct 12, 2008

    1. I was thinking for my first doll I'd get a 70cm (1/3) doll from doll zone.
      and I was wondering what people thought of them, or someone who owns them can tell me their good and bad.
      (good and bad meaning: do they move okay? can they stand on their own? Ect: )
      any info or opinions would be awesome :aheartbea
    2. I do not have one...but I have a DZ and I love it. I want a DZ 70cm Hong. I think he is to die for XDD

      The strings for DZ can be iffy. Some are good and some are bad. I have a MSD DZ and he stands well, strings are really good. But my best friend has an MSD DZ and his strings are TERRIBLE, if you pick him up he flops to the side by himself and she never touched the strings. So it just depends. You may want to get more info from someone who actually has a 70cm!!!
    3. Well, you can check the DZ 60/70cm discussion thread for more information from several owners; I have a DZ Wing and he stands and poses pretty well, his resin is great, and I love his pointy face to death. <3

    4. Maybe I can help a little with this?
      I own a Dollzone Wing and I'm in the process of buying a Dollzone Yuu (The first Version)

      The Pros: Mine Stands and Poses like a God (I haven't been around another DZ boy, so I don't know if they are ALL like this), They look as Good (if not better) than Dollzone portrays them in the pictures, Really solid bodies it's a challenge to harm one of them, Their Back really helps them look realistic in pictures because it seems to have a "natural" slouch but you can also make them sit up straight easily. Also, I have noticed that they are really well made, I have done some pretty idiotic things with mine and have probably put him in really bad situations, but he has come out without any broken fingers or cracked resin.

      The Cons: There aren't too many that I can think of, but as I find more pros and cons I'll try to add them. My biggest problem with my Wing (Elgin) is that he's the lightest white skin color. He's so paper white that every little dark mark that gets on his body SHOWS UP. This isn't really the Doll's fault, but I feel as though I'm forever cleaning him. If you want a doll that you can take out and play with, buy the normal skin color (Do they make a normal color?). Also, the lighter skin color scratches up badly, and the toes on the dolls look a bit like monster feet. Their head caps are also a little weirdly shaped, and they look like they need to be sanded down to match the shape of the head, but with a wig on, that's not noticeable (I don't know if it's still like that, I haven't seen any of the new dz boy's head caps) And the only last little annoyance I can think of is about their thighs. They have a rotating double jointed thigh, and that has a tendency to get stuck in the wrong way and give the doll a crazy leg until it's fixed. (I feel like a pervert sometimes because I have to rip my poor boy's pants down to fix his thigh part from getting stuck up in the hollowed hips)

      Hope that helped a little?
    5. thank you to those who posted :aheartbea
      That was fantastic. absolutely waht I was looking for. :D
    6. Thanks Angelesk, I am planning to buy a DZ "Yuu" in future. I will buy the "normal skin" & maybe use velcro for his pants if he, too, has that funny-turning thigh. It really helps to hear others' remarks about the dolls before buying!
    7. I'm thinking about ordering a DZ tan Yuu, but I've never owned/held a Dollzone large boy before.

      People who have one: What are the pros and cons of him?

      Does he pose well, or will he require sueding?

      Also, has anyone ordered him from Junkyspot and gotten the *actual* default wig? (My mom ordered a DZ Aleister and get a plain grey wig styled similarly, rather than the default whiteish. )

      Thank you!!
    8. Thanks for the info Angelesk. I've been eyeing a DZ Yue, so the bit about them having a wonky thigh is helpful.
    9. I have a SD girl and she's beautiful! The body is solid, smooth clean resin, and a great mold. The posability is good, not so sure about the stringing though.
    10. I have a DZ hong an he is a dream. Last year when I started looking for dolls I came across DZ and he was on the banner and I just knew he would be mine.. I did not even realize that he was a newer doll untill I started to look here to see pics of anyone else's Hong and there were none.

      Body is a bit on the skinny side compaired with someother's but he stands and sits well.
    11. In addition to that...anyone who has a tanned doll...is the resin dyed or just darker? Will there be marbling, stippling, etc?
    12. I have a DZ Wing2 on order. I'll update once I've received him.
    13. I've got a Tan Dollzone Yuu, he stands very easily, isn't floppy at all, where his seams were sanded, he is a lighter shade. It looks more like a release or some slightly darker film on the resin, if I gave him an all over sand, that would fix it. I'm currently selling mine but not because I don't like him, more because I desperately want a Souldoll Centaur and that's the only way I'm likely to be able to afford him. I don't think there's anything wrong with the Dollzone, most of the ones I've seen or owned posed perfectly. The only thing people may dislike is the slightly more anime features. I know I prefer realistic dolls myself.
    14. I own 3 Dollzone 70cm boys, a NS Cloud, a NS Ying, and an older ver. Tan Yuu, and I love them! They are all the older body style, the resin is nice and heavy, and they all stand like champions! (I wish I could say the same for my kicky CP/Luts boys!) I've never had any problems with stringing, or with them being floppy.

      (And, when I get the chance, I will probably add another 70cm DZ boy, Chen or Hong, to my troupe. I would love to get my hands on the new 70cm boy body!)
    15. I have a 70cm Dollzone boy and I love him. He was my second doll, I sold my first but I still have him. He is wonderful. Sometimes I will spend alot of time drooling over other dolls, but then I pick him up and remember why I love him so much.

      The only con I've found is that it is hard to buy shoes for him. Their feet are really big, and he can't wear just any shoes. Noble is on the old body, I don't know if the new body is any easier that way or not. Also his giant hands can make it hard to get some of the long sleeved shirts on him. But I love that he can hold things.

      He stands like a dream, he can pose beautifully. I think the new body may be able to hold more poses, but I don't know as I haven't ever seen one in person. I've considered buying one for Noble, but I'm waiting for now. The resin is so solid and heavy, I really like that. And dollzones seem to have so much personality.
    16. DZ boys are great. I have two and they definitely hold a pose... Unfortunately it seems there are problems with the tan resin. There's a whole thread about it... otherwise I would have gotten a tan Floy.
    17. Jumping on the bandwagon here! I agree with everything everyone has stated about the 70cm DZ boys posability (is that even a word)? They stand very majestically and pose wonderfully. I only own one. I have a DZ Yuu silverfox (tan skin) and he will probably be the only fullset doll I ever own. Not that I do not like fullset dolls, I just like making up my own characters so much. The tan skin on my boy is beautiful. I have not had any discoloration issues whatsoever. However, I am not one that is willing to take a sander to his skin. I know that most companies do not recommend sanding the tan resin since there is a probability that there may be some discoloration. If you don't mind the seem lines I would recommend leaving them alone...Hope I at least helped a tiny bit!
    18. I have two Dollzone boys, a Yuu (pink skin) and Ying (yellow) (both old bodies)
      I like both skin colors...don't have the white or tan though.
      Both stand, like everyone is saying, wonderfully.
      My thing is...I prefer the old bodies over the new ones. The older ones, to me, appear more muscular and the new ones are lankier.
      I don't really find any faults with them just a personal preference.
    19. I have Hong and he is stunning... his legs are a little weak but its not anything thats really undealable. i jsut love him and would deffo buy from DZ again as my preferred choice of doll!
    20. I have tan Yuu-2 and Hong, both on the older 70cm body. I prefer the sculpt of the older body, aesthetically it is much more attractive to me. They both stood well out of the box and pose nicely, but as the elastic loosens up, they become a bit wonky in the knees. The knee sockets (upper calf and lower thigh) are much larger than the "egg" joint that goes between them, so there is a lot of leeway. Glue sueding didn't seem to help Yuu's knees, but I'm planning on trying a different technique to glue suede Hong's.

      I absolutely adore them both, and I think they pose as well as a Volks BJD.

      Akone, my tan Yuu-2.

      Maxim, my Hong, in normal yellow resin.

      Linda S.