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70cm FEMALE dolls?

Sep 27, 2008

    1. hi all,

      I'm quite new to BJDs and only recently did my eyes open to the 70cm tall dolls. Is there really only dollmore's model dolls that have female 70cm tall dolls? I have visited so many BJD company websites, but not found any 70cm females, only males, and there's not many of those about either.

      Am I searching the wrong shops or what?

      Or would I have to buy a male 70 and start to modify him into a woman?

      - Karina
    2. Well there are also the Soom Super Gems which are 65cm. I believe Iplehouse is planning on releasing a 70cm female sometime as well.
    3. webster,
      I've seen the supergems from soom, they are amazing too - but I would like 70cm ladies too. I've seen a few places have 68cm ladies, and two centimeters up to 70 is okay. i can live with that. but there's still not many of them. I have a dollhead which is way too huge for a 60cm body and i would like it to be on a 70 body... but so far it seems impossible. It sounds great that iplehouse is planning a 70cm female body. I hope it won't be too far out in the future.

      - karina
    4. Well...Dolkot has model sized dolls. Only two though. One girl, one boy. She's 68 cm though. Companies usually like to have a 2 cm difference between boys and girls...for some reason >.>
    5. flurry,
      thankyou, i'll have to look up dolkot as i don't have them in my 'favourites' folder.
      68 is a fine size too. 2 centimeters isn't that much of a difference.

    6. Soom Mecha Angel girls - 79cm
      Dollmore Model girls - 70cm
      Dolkot Model girl - 68cm
      Dollshe girls - 68cm (only available second hand - no longer made)
      Dumya Flexi Perrenial (with model kit) girls - 68cm
      Fairyland Feeple girls - 67.5cm
      HyperManiac Ksy - 67cm (only Ksy had the tall body - no longer made)

      Those are all of girls closest to 70cm I can think of. After that the next tallest are all 65cm. :)
    7. well there will probably be a new 68 cm doll out.
      I spoke with someone of resindoll and he told me there will be a 68 cm girl doll in october...
      so i'm waiting for that to see if my dollmore model heads fit on that body...
      maybe an idea for you as well?

    8. Idrisfynn, thankyou so incredibly much for that list, i will copy and save that on my computer and then start studying. You're a big help, thankyou.

      Lmira, it sounds great with yet another 68cm doll.

      thanks ladies,
    9. Resinsoul has put out a 70cm boy, and my understanding is that they will also have a girl.
      Don't know this for sure.
    10. I have good news, for those of you looking for more tall girls.

      Here's confirmation of Flamingomoon's Resinsoul claim. Resinsoul just released 2 68cm girls, and the body CAN be bought separately. So, not 70cm, but almost, so she'll be taller than just about all other SD boys. ^^
    11. This is just my second post so forgive me if I've made a mistake, such as location, but I was wandering if anyone had any favorite 70cm girls or can name sites that sell really pretty 70cm girls.

      I'm planning on making her a hip-hop star and the mother to Dollmore Suntan Paran:

    12. Souldoll will release a 70cm girl soon :)
    13. Loongsoul has a 68cm tall girl line. :3nodding: Doll Chateau's first line of girls (discontinued) was 68cm as well. I believe the Impldoll Idol women also accurately measure in at 68cm (I currently have one and the Loongsoul I mentioned). Sometimes the size bracket "70cm" is not totally accurate, I think it's most common for male dolls in this size range to measure in at 68cm-72cm.
    14. Hi, just adding some more to the list:
      13-18yrs Girl :: PARTS :: 18yrs Girl Body - DollsTown, original handcrafted Ball Jointed Dolls
      70cm Girl Body [70cm Girl body] - $150.00 : Miro Doll Shop

      Love the Dollstown sculpt, and there are a lot of heads to choose, and for a very similar line in sculpt and a very good price there's the Mirodoll. Also I love my Twigling Ingenue body (the site is being fixed) but try checking it later, or search for twigling girls here on DoA, they are around 68 cm and on the not so thin side. Hope this helps :)
    15. 70 cm for me it's too much .. I love 60 cm