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70cm ResinSoul knees

Aug 1, 2009

    1. Is anyone else having this issue? My boys knees have a bad habit of buckling backwards when I'm trying to stand him. It can make it very hard to get him to stand at all. He's been doing it whether he's loosely or tightly strung. I don't THINK his knee joint pieces are upside down, if that would make a difference...

      Does anyone know if wiring his knees would help this problem?

      If this isn't the right area to put this, feel free to move it.
    2. I don't have a boy that size, but my Bobobie 60cm had a similar issue till I added some hot glue to the joints. It helped hold them up. I also did the waist and that helped alot!
      When I took her apart, I don't think that putting the piece in upside down was possible, I can't remember, but I think it looked the same. You could try it either way to rule it out though!
    3. I've never had that problem myself; however I have two RS 70cm male dolls and both behave very differently when I try to pose them despite their stringing tension being very similar and I used the same elastic to restring both bodies.It might just be an idiosyncrasy of your particular boy.
      I think wiring would help as it would make it harder for the knees to bend in any direction on their own, and sueding might help also as it would increase friction and again help prevent the knees bending on their own. You can try putting the knee pieces upside down to see if it makes a difference but I don't think it would since they don't really fit perfectly into the sockets anyway and there's very little difference between the pieces themselves.
    4. i din't know if your boy has the same, but on my girl dai's knee joints there are letters so you can tell that they are the right way up