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Event 7th Project_Doll Event (BJD Free Market Event) to be held in South Korea at 2017-07-30 (Sunday)

Jul 22, 2017

    1. Hello!

      Nice to meet you

      I`m a manager of the Korean BJD doll event, Project Doll
      which is one of the biggest doll event held in South Korea. :)

      And the reason here I come and write this is
      I hope to let you know that our event to be held in 2017-07-30.

      The 7th Project Doll event will be held in 2017-07-30 (Sunday) at
      Hotel Riviera - Versailles Hall / Montblanc (F3) (737, yeongdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea)

      Please refer to below layout for dealers
      We plan to distribute this layout in our event with paper form

      (*Below layout can be changed slightly afterward since now we are updating it)


      Reference URL

      Project Doll : ???̹? ???α?

      ※ Project_Doll staffs will arrive at am 6:00.
      Please make a line on the left-side of the "Head Office(본부석)"


      < Layout for Hotel Riviera >

      ◈ Event Progress Plan ◈

      AM 6:00

      - Staffs Arrive (Make a line & Prepare Head Office)
      - Ticketing to be started just after the preparing of Head office is done.
      - After ticketing is over, Customers don`t have to wait and can leave.
      - Customers shall come back to the place before am 10:00 since lining to be started after 10:00 am

      AM 9:00

      - Dealer can enter the inside and prepare
      - Every co-workers of dealers who are not notified previously only can enter the place after paying the fee of the ticket. (6000 won (about 5 ~ 6 dollars))

      AM 10:00

      - Lining to be started
      (1st line : No. 1 to No. 50 / 2nd line : No. 51 to No. 100 / .... 5th line : No. 201 to No. 250)

      AM 10:45

      - Customers who have ticket already will be guided to move to waiting line of dealer
      ( Forbidden to buy until 11:00 am)

      AM 11:00

      - Event Start

      AM 11:30

      - Dealers can buy products (Every dealers in our event shall take on name card and Dealers cannot buy anything before AM 11:30 )

      PM 02:30

      - Lottery Event Start ( Customers who have Ticket No. 1 to 1000 can apply )
      - After Lottery Event is done, Customer who won in the event shall come to head office until 4:00 pm

      PM 04:00

      - Closing / Dealers prepare to leave

      ◈ Ticket Information ◈


      Here is the 7th Project_Doll ticket. It cost 6000won (5 ~ 6 dollars)
      Can buy at the head office during am 6:00 to pm 4:00

      Lottery Event Applying is possible for ticket number 1 to 1000.
      For the number 1001 to higher number , It is not possible to join the lottery event.

      Customers can apply Lottery Event at the head office
      Children below 7 years old are free.
      Discount will not be applied.

      ※ Ticket Number is given by first come first serve basis.

      ※ Project Doll obeys every regulations of Korean government.
      Project_Doll is only for over 14 years old people. And we never sell our products to below 14 years old.
      It is forbidden to sell BJD to below 14 years old by the law of Korean government.

      ◈ Additional Guide for Customers ◈

      - Customers who have ticket can re-enter the place. Please be cautious not to lose your ticket.
      - When you want to take a photo, please ask first.
      - Do not interrupt and get into the lining, Entering sequence only depends on the number of ticket.
      - Customers can enter the place only after am 11:00
      - Project_Doll is not responsible for the line made before step arrival.
      - Please follow the request of Project_Doll Staff
      - Please do not run at the inside of the place.
      - Food, Beverages with smell is forbidden inside of the place.
      - Parking is free. Please let them see the ticket you have.
      - If you have ticket, 10% discount is applied to every Services in Hotel Riviera (Only the day of the event)

      ◈ Purchase waiting line for Specific Dealers ◈

      - Sometimes purchase waiting lines for specific dealers are requested. So Project_Doll staffs will set up the line for these dealers.
      From 10:45 am, customers who want to purchase the products of specific dealers will be guided to the booth.
      And Project_Doll staffs will count the order of the tickets and will set up the line.

      ※ Customers who want to buy other product can move to other booth freely and line up.

      ◈ If you have anything to ask ◈

      - All staffs but representative and manager are wearing yellow T-shirts and Staff Name Card.

      If you ask anything to staffs he(she) will help you.

      ◈ Location Information◈


      Hotel Riviera - Versailles Hall / Montblanc Hall (F3).
      (737, yeongdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea)

      Public Transportation: Line 7 Cheongdam Station

      If you come by plane and get off at Incheon airport,

      First, take the airport subway to Hong-ik University Station.
      Then, please go to Konkuk University Station from Hong-ik University Station by subway line 2 .
      Finally, you can take Line 7 from the Konkuk University Station to Cheongdam Station.

      Please refer to below snapshot.


      And the Hotel Riviera is located at 10-minutes walk distance from Cheongdam subway station

      After get out of the station via No. 12 gate,
      You can come to the place by walk.

      Please refer to below snapshot


      ◈ Hotel Riviera Images◈


      Hotel Riviera - Versailles Hall / Montblanc Hall (F3).
      (737, yeongdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea)

      Public Transportation: Line 7 Cheongdam Station

      <Internal View>


      <Hotel Riviera Outlook>


      <Location map of Hotel Riviera>

      ◈ Project Doll Office ◈

      Contact person: Hyeong Chan _ Ahn

      Blog: Project Doll : ???̹? ???α?
      Email: [email protected]

      <7th Project_Doll Poster>


      Please refer to below URL for more information :)

      Project Doll : ???̹? ???α?

      Thank you.
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