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8 or 10mm pupilless eyes?

Jul 4, 2009

    1. Please forgive me if this is in completely the wrong place. :sweat I wasn't sure where "Does-this-exist" type questions were supposed to go.

      I've only seen a couple of places that have eyes like this... I've seen them called "jelly" eyes in one place, and Soom's "Nada" line of eyes are exactly like what I'm looking for.

      But the smallest the Nadas come in is 12mm. ;-; I actually need these for a BBB Elfkin, if that helps get a clearer mental image.

      If such a thing as a pair of pupilless purple Tiny eyes exist, I would absolutely love to hear about them. :aheartbea Thankyou~
    2. I actually want to know as well, for my future Pukipuki!
    3. I think forevervirginia makes eyes like that. If not, she does custom orders for eyes. Her website is www.raw-kiss.com. I bought a wig from her, and I would definitely recommend her. ^_^

      (I hope she doesn't mind the free advertising lol)
    4. ...oooooh, wigs, too? Lovely! I'll check this out, thank you. ^_^ The wig is my other problem... the character my Elfkin is going to be has reddish-violet, tightly braided hair in multiple strands, tied back in a ponytail. I'm having trouble finding so much as the color. xD;
    5. The wigs are Puki size (3-4) fur wigs, and mostly OOAK, so you may have to wait if you don't see a wig you like. There are new ones every so often. I don't know what size elfkins are though, so maybe they'll fit?
    6. Ahh, yeah, I just saw the wigs section. Elfkins wear a 4.5 size, which is ridiculously hard to find. xD;

      It seems like it's difficult to find wigs in that size that aren't the fur-wig kind.
      Ooh- also, these eyes are definitely an option, this is awesome, thank you!

      Curious me still wonders what other pupilless purples exist in the wide world though, I admit... O:
    7. Gosh it's great to get new links, gotta look at that site, thanks Kiyoshi45. I also have seen them here on ebay :D
    8. O_O WOW! That's amazing, they're not even expensive... thanks :D

      Edit- when they say an order "meets 10 pair of eyes", does that mean they only sell from this listing in bulk? Hm... If that's not so, I may have found my eyes.
    9. He means it's $6 for up to 10 pair of eyes, I'm quite certain, though you can write to him to be sure. I am still thinking of getting some myself.... LOL but spent a lot of money recently :doh
    10. Ah, whoops. xD

      Wow, that's really, really good.
    11. hi, it's 6.00 shipping charge, the eyes are 9.98 each, we have them at www.jpopdolls.net too and I can order them in as small as 8mm. I use the same factory as the guy on ebay, so anything he has I can get as well. We sell them for 9.00 and shipping is 4.80 for up to 10 pair. Just letting everyone know.
    12. Enchanted doll eyes?
      They make all sizes, tons of different colours, pupiless, pupiled, cat pupil.. half gradiation. You name it!
    13. I'll be making them again from the 24th of July if your still looking... I've moved the thread to the commissionable artist gallery as its a bugger making them for the MP....