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80cm Dolls?

May 5, 2009

    1. I've been interested in getting an 80cm girl, but I none of the Mecha Angels from Soom appeal to me :( Is there another company that has them? I've looked around, but have been unable to find solid info on them :...( I've seen plenty of 70cms, but no 80. :|
    2. Dollmore...I think has an 80cm girl...you might want to check there...
    3. Do you know which ones? The models are only 70 :( Although they're gorgeous. Dahlia from Lusion is 80cm I believe but she's more childlike.
    4. I suggest looking at the Soom Mecha Angels. There girls are 79cm so pretty darn close!
    5. Mhm, I've seen the Mecha Angel girls, and they're quite pretty! But not for me I'm afraid :( :) Mentioned that in the post.
    6. Ah, sorry about that. Unfortunately I can't think of any other super tall girls. Good luck! :aheartbea
    7. Thanks! :D I might cave and buy a Model from Dollmore - I LOVE their bodies. Butttttttt then she'll be twenty cms shorter than her boyfriend D:
    8. Hmm...have you looked at soom...i think they have tall girls...
    9. Yes I mentioned that I had already looked at those :) I'm looking for alternatives.
    10. Well, since a lot of companies also started making 70cm dolls now, I think that somewhere in future more companies will make 80cm dolls.

      But for now, only dollmore and soom like said above.
    11. The only 80cm at present are the Mecha Angels and Dollmore's Lusion. So you're kind of at settle or wait. Is it heads or bodies you don't like on the MA girls? You might try making a hybrid if it's the heads.

      Personally, I'm crossing my fingers for Dollshe bringing out a new girl... though she would probably fall around 72-73cm, but the DSAM is a good style for a couple of my characters, and those girls are supposed to be tall. I'm also hoping AoD will do a large girl to go with their 1/2 boy, my guess for her would be 85-87cm. That would let me make one of my characters at nearly full size. (And thus terrify all the guys that were in that D&D game with me.)
    12. I received an email from Dollmore regarding the introduction of Lusion. My, I cannot believe a bjd in 80cm! She is so pretty but does anyone have her yet? Just how heavy are they? And are the suitable to share here?

      Hope we can see more comments on these VERY large ones! Before I spent that much money, I would like to see how others are enjoying them. Lusion does look fun to dress and knit for. Almost like dressing a large baby!
    13. I think Lusion got declared OT due to style shortly after she first went up on the Dollmore page... yep, went and checked...

    14. reeeeeeeally not sure if its in the right category :sweat
      so mods, feel free to move it!

      these days i look for any kind of small stuff that could fit BJD and i recently saw i mini bike (wich i bought ^^;; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCV2hM5lARQ ) and i thought: hey, maybe a 80 cm doll could ride it! 8D
      since then, i really want a 80cm doll
      so, i was wondering, exepct the lusion dolls (dollmore) and the mecha angels (soom), are there any other dolls that are about 80cm or more??
    15. Anyone have pics and/or full description of their BIG BIG dolls? Where you got it, who makes them, ect....
    16. There are only 3 kinds of 80 cm and up dolls that I know about:
      Dollmore Lusion, which is like a giant toddler-looking doll;
      AOD's 90 cm dolls, of which they have three;
      and Soom's Mecha Angels, which to me are the best looking "big" dolls and are 80 cm.

      All of those dolls are discussed in this thread:

    17. i knew about the 90 cm dolls. They are HUGE! I saw the big toddler looking doll recently. I could only find one 80cm online. I was thinking there had to be more. I like a mature looking doll.
    18. Thanks for asking this question. I thought the only big big dolls were the Mecha angels and the boys were all sold out ! I didnt know there were other companies that made larger dolls.