Event :+:99day event: Chocoskin bunnynine reopen for 1day!:+:

Sep 2, 2016

    1. :+:Nine9style's Nine9 day(99day) event:+:

      In September 9th(Based on Korean standard time), we open Chocolate skin order a for limited time-just 1 day!!
      (September 9th, order opens at AM09:09(Based on Korea standard time))
      Last year's Chocolate skin bunnynines are come back for 99day event!!!
      We do this event worldwide, Open only one day, September 9th(Based on Korea standard time)!!
      Only head or Body order is not available!
      Only! Whole Doll can be ordered!!
      Because of the situation of doll-producing company, We can get only 5 bunnynine orders;(
      [Selectable Option]

      Type of head: Potpourri, Pudding, Maple, Butter, Peanut
      Gender: Girl, Boy
      Yo-SD compatible foot parts(Pay option)
      Face up(Pay option)

      Ppeppero cushion is included in this time's Chocolate bunnynine too!;D
      See you at September 9th!!XD
      Please don't forget that the time of order-opening time is based on Korea standard time!!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    2. Could you please clarify? Does this mean only 5 orders will be taken, or only 5 sculpts are available for order?
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    3. It means, only 5 orders will be taken no matter what the head is.
    4. 5 orders total or per person?
    5. @orangetarts It sounds like only 5 orders total. So either 5 people get 1 doll or one person gets 5 dolls, but that's all they're doing... :sweat