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^_^ Feeback for Dark_angel /Simply_divines ^_^

Aug 8, 2006

    1. Hello ! :)

      This is my feedback thread. If you've done a transaction with me, either as buyer or as seller, please feel free to leave a feedback here. ;)
      I will update my feedback for you here and on your own feeback thread asap.
      So me as a seller :
      2004-2005 :
      Celticgeekess (bjd)
      Reverie (SD body)
      Grace (eyes, eyes, eyes !!!!)
      SKYWHYS (bjd)
      Barbara (bjds and bjd accessories)
      Shin (head)
      Drkoontz (make-up commission)
      Nagisama (school head A)

      TaiOfMine (FCS SD13boy)
      SHYWHYS (FCS F-17)
      Manaswan (make-up commissions)
      Tinybear (Gumdrops order)

      Julia (art-delf Cherry boy)

      me as a buyer:
      2004 :
      Visavis (Ashes' body thx again !)
      Shadow_arashi (outfits & eyes)
      Shadrad (great commissioned wings)

      2005 :
      neale (beautiful mohairs !)
      Angelificatus (SD optional geta feet)

      2006 :
      Usami (unoa faceplate)
      monicax86 (Mio outfits)
      missmerrythe3rd (head)
      Ebi (wig)
      Shayi (huggables)
      SephXIII (shoes)
      Loki (my dear Abigail Lacrymosa aka Liz Spring stroll)

      2007 :
      rhinestonej (unoa sist 1.5 faceplate)
      Beckers (Volks outfits)
      Angelificatus (Dollheart outfit)
      Izam (SD 13 boy School A + make-up commission)
      Tinybear (GO gumdrops)
      dreamyraven (Go gumdrops)
      darkangelxix (Narae trade + GO gumdrops)
      Petra P. (Yo Sd Papi)

      On ebay : cancan_J Series, dolldogfan, yume_jp, okita_kakyuu, and so on
      web shop : Volks, Eluts, Domuya, Dollheart, Liria, Tensiya

      If I'm forgetting someone, please feel free to drop me an PM ! ;)
      Thanks a lot ! :daisy

      Dark_angel (Simply_divines)
      Make-up, commissions, auctions, and so on !
    2. Great buyer - fast payment, friendly and quick pm's too. Thank you :daisy
    3. I bought 2 dolls from you and many, many wigs, shoes....Always perfect transactions!
      Dark is a great seller.:daisy
    4. I bought a head from you. All went great!! Good comunication and fast shipment!! :)
    5. I had a pleasant deal with DarkAngel. She's a great buyer, very friendly and I got an instant payment. Thank you! :)
    6. I just wanted to add a belated good feedback for DarkAngel, she is an awesome buyer!!
    7. Sept-Oct 2006: Items sold (to her): Yukinojo boots.

      Sale and payment of item was quick. ^_^


      ~ seph
    8. fantastic to deal with
      Gumdrop eyes are to die for
    9. Very positive feedback for DarkAngel! She bought Spring Stroll Liz from me, and payed very quickly and is just all round a fantastic lady. ;D
    10. Dark_angel is a great person to do transactions with! Bought Huggables from me, and paid in time and everything. Great buyer!
    11. I have just received my Gumdrops pre-ordered eyes!

      Perfect transaction and wonderful eyes! Thanks :)
    12. I sold my items to darkofthemoon. It has been my pleasure to deal with her.

    13. I sold 2 Volks clothing sets to dark_angel. A very nice person, paid quickly, it was a very pleasant experience. I was notified as soon as the itms arrived. No problems whatsoever, recommended!
    14. I purchased a doll from dark_angel. He was shipped quickly and communication was excellent.
    15. Dark Angel is an incredible artist! Her designs, and face up are magnificent. She painted the face plus dragon tatoo for my HappyDoll Arthur, and also a face-up for Tiny Lyn. Absolutely amazing! Great transaction, great communication with many pictures along the way, and the best results.

    16. Bought a single eye from Dark_angel,it's not home yet,but I believe I would love it and everything would be ok :) Thanks Dark_angel for fast reply & friendly pm's!

      *update: Recieved my eye,it's gorgeous! :D I'm soo happy!!
    17. Took part in a group order organized by Dark_angel. Everything went great. Very good communication and a pleasant person to deal with.
    18. Dark_angel is the best!! We traded our Naraes and everything went great:D She is very helpful and friendly and a total pleasure to work with :) Thank you very much :)
    19. I bought a doll from dark_angel and I cannot be happier with the transaction!

      She is very friendly, and replies very quickly. She did everything in a quicky and timely matter. I'm always updated on the status of the face-up almost on a daily basis and the doll was shipped very quickly! Her face-ups is really amazing too and I'm very glad to have the pleasure to deal with her! :love :love

      Can't go wrong with dark_angel! A+++++++++++++++++++!!:D
    20. Bought Gumdrop eyes from preorder, everything ok, thanks ^^