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*_*New Dolls from Impldoll.New Materials.Male&Female Boy&Girl Body pics.

Sep 5, 2009

    1. Hi Everyone,

      Nice to meet you here.this is impldoll company.

      After two years of development,Now our kids are to meet everyone,

      it is a great honor to introduce Impstar(64cm), Impchild(43cm) for everybody.

      Later we will launch product of sizes Impmodel(58CM),Impbaby(26CM),

      as well as other shoes, hair, clothing accessories.:)

      Our website: www.impldoll.com

      If you have any questions,please send mail to impldoll@yahoo.cn or leave a message

      on our website.

      <Type IMPSTAR>


      =Female Size=

      * Tall : 63.5 cm
      * Head Circumference : 21 cm
      * Neck Circumference : 9 cm
      * width of shoulder : 11.5 cm
      * Lenth of from "shoulder to wrist"[FONT=&#23435]&#65306;[/FONT]19 cm
      * Chest Circumference : 24 cm
      * Circumference of waist: 17.5 cm
      * Circumference of Hip: 25.5 cm
      * Leg Length : 33 cm
      * Thigh Circumference : 15 cm
      * Calf of Circumference: 11 cm
      * Feet Length : 7.5 cm
      * high feet: 7.3 cm
      * Weight : 1.52kg



      =Male Size=

      *Tall : 64 cm
      * Head Circumference : 22.5 cm
      * Neck Circumference : 10 cm
      * width of shoulder : 13 cm
      * Lenth of from "shoulder to wrist"[FONT=&#23435]&#65306;[/FONT]20 cm
      * Chest Circumference : 24.5 cm
      * Circumference of waist: 20 cm
      * Circumference of Hip: 26 cm
      * Leg Length : 32.5 cm
      * Thigh Circumference : 16 cm
      * Calf of Circumference: 11.5 cm
      * Feet Length : 7.8 cm
      * Weight : 1.70kg


      <Type IMPCHILD>


      =Girl Size=

      * Tall : 42 cm
      * Head Circumference : 16 cm
      * Neck Circumference : 7 cm
      * Width of shoulder : 8 cm
      * Lenth of from "shoulder to wrist"[FONT=&#23435]&#65306;[/FONT]12 cm
      * Chest Circumference : 16.5 cm
      * Circumference of waist: 12 cm
      * Circumference of Hip: 16 cm
      * Leg Length : 22 cm
      * Thigh Circumference : 10 cm
      * Calf of Circumference: 7 cm
      * Feet Length : 4.8 cm



      =Boy Size=

      * Tall : 43 cm
      * Head Circumference : 16 cm
      * Neck Circumference : 7.2 cm
      * Width of shoulder : 9.5 cm
      * Lenth of from "shoulder to wrist"[FONT=&#23435;&#20307;]&#65306;[/FONT]12.5 cm
      * Chest Circumference : 16 cm
      * Circumference of waist: 13 cm
      * Circumference of Hip: 17 cm
      * Leg Length : 22 cm
      * Thigh Circumference : 10 cm
      * Calf of Circumference: 7 cm
      * Feet Length : 5 cm


      *Material: As you seen from the picture, we are using the resin from high-density and

      environmental protection,our resin is much better than the ordinary BJD material, and better

      texture, more smooth. More importantly. This material is more durable than ordinary

      materials,Is not easy to yellowing.



      *Blank head

    2. Good news.^^​

      To celebrate the opening of impldoll.​

      We offer free oufit for the first 30 customers who buys our dolls from website.​

      Don't miss this chance.(*^__^*)​

      *update high feet

    3. Will you ever be offering just the body up for sale? And do you have any resin matches to other companies?
      I love the look of the posability of the male 64cm body.
    4. Hi, we don't sell the body separately,sorry,we don't have any resin matches to other companies right now.
      we would like someone can provide us with this information.;)

    5. Impstar Chapman

    6. Imp-star Chirstoper.

    7. Is it possible to get Chirstoper's head on a man body? I love the shape of those eyes and those ears. *__*
    8. Will any clothes from other companies fit your dolls? Are you planning to release a lot of clothing, like how much Luts or Volks make for their own sizes?
    9. Hi,sorry,the Chirstoper's head can not fit our man body.It looks a little small,Maybe can fit other company's body.^^
    10. Hi,Thank you for your interest!!We will release more clothing for our size and continue to develop new shoes,wig,eyes.do not worry.;)

      PS:we offer free outfit for our customers.do not miss this chance.
      For more detail,welcome to visit our website.www.impldoll.com
    11. I am curious why your dolls don't have a uniform price. The Star models are listed with 5 different prices between $280 to $310. Gender isn't the deciding factor, and I don't see what's different between them that would account for such strange price spans. Are there extra parts for some that I am missing?

      Also, I am curious to know if you have plans for a three piece torso female body? I like the shape of the one you have, but more flexability is always nice.
    12. Can your compare your resin color to other companies?
      I am looking to buy bodies for some floating heads and I want to see if it matches other resins.
    13. Hi,we will offer the resin color comparison Report later and will let you know soon.
      thank you for your interest~^^
    14. Wow! The sculpts are very unique, and that elf girl is gorgeous!

      I really like the MSD-sized dolls on your site. They are very nicely priced. Are they made of French Resin or other less-durable plastic? Can you order body blushing?

      Do you have plans to sell bodies, parts, and heads seperate in the future?
    15. Hi,thank you for your kind words.our all dolls made of the perfect resin.not normal resin.don't worry.this resin is better texture, more smooth. More importantly.:)

      sorry,we don't offer the body blushing right now.
      we will sell bodies and other parts in near future after we got the resin color comparison Report.

      Thank you.
    16. IMP-CHILD Vivien

    17. Dear all .( *^_^* )

      Since we opening our website.We have a lot of support from our customers.Thank you very much.

      We will try our best to make great dolls for you.now we are release our NEW impl-child ABDUL.

      All wish you could enjoy our dolls.:)


    18. Is there a web site?
    19. www.impldoll.com - it's on the pictures. ;)
    20. were are you located, were this dolls are made?