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Update A+B Co-op: opening of facebook and notice on pirated copies of SELEN'S doll stands

Feb 15, 2010

    1. We have been receiving queries on how to take photos using SELEN'S doll stands,
      and we are more than eager to demonstrate how to take photos of dolls which blended to the surrounding scenery using the SELEN's doll stands~

      And therefore we have open our facebook page! :)

      Here, you will find demonstration photos and photoshoot tips from us~
      We will also release our latest news and pre-order periods on the facebook pages~

      And if you are a owner of SELEN'S doll stands,
      why not join as a fans of our facebook page and post your doll photos taken with SELEN'S doll stands on our wall~:)

      I would also like to draw your attention to the pirated copies of SELEN'S doll stands that we had announced in the news section before.

      The original Japanese notice announced by SELEN'S
      Chinese and english version of the announcement by A+B Co-op

      We had previously announced there are pirated copies of SELEN'S doll stand from China.
      To our dissappointment, these pirated copies of SELEN'S doll stands had resume sells activities on Social networking service (e.g. facebook)
      and marketplace of BJD-related forums.

      These doll stands had imitate the design, function and sizes of the SELEN'S doll stands, while its durability and stability is rather questionable.
      Please note that copying the design of SELEN'S doll stand is a kind of plagiarism, and has offend the intellectual property of SELEN'S.
      SELEN'S and A+B Co-op retain the rights to sued the offender parties.

      In addition, both SELEN'S and A+B Co-op will not responsible for the quality of other doll stands that are not bought from SELEN's or A+B Co-op.
      Please be cautious before you make your decision and beware of pirated copies of SELEN's doll stands.

      Thank you very much for your attention.

      A+B Co-op
      Email: anbcoop09@gmail.com
      Blog: http://anbcoop09.blog47.fc2.com/