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Update A+B-Co-op: Please beware of pirated copies of SELEN's Stand

May 20, 2009

    1. Updated at 24/06/09

      This is a disappointing news.
      We sadly announce that there are Pirated copies of SELEN'S Doll stand circulating in mainland China.
      For more information please refer to below:

      Announcement from SELEN'S (in japanese):

      Here we have to clarify several facts:
      1. SELEN'S has never provided or authorized others to provide any kind of "customized" doll stand.
      2. There is only one official dealer of SELEN'S doll stand in region outside of Japan, and that is A+B Co-op.

      Therefore, if you have buy any so-called SELEN'S doll stand NOT from SELEN'S or A+B Co-op, we cannot ensure they have the same good quality as the real SELEN'S doll stand.
      Please be cautious before you make your decision and beware of pirated copies of SELEN'S dollstand.

      In addition,
      A+B Co-op will be attending Dollism plus 4 on 26 July in Hong kong!
      For more information please see the below link:
      We will display an array of SELEN'S doll stands,
      please come over our booth and experience the use of SELEN'S doll stand~

      Thank you very much for your attention~



      A+B Co-op is the official dealer of SELEN'S doll stands.
      As a dealer of SELEN’S doll stand, our mission is to let people
      outside of Japan can get SELEN’S doll stands easily and
      at a reasonable price.

      SELEN'S Doll stand is a kind of doll stand that can
      simply install on a tripod.
      In this way, the level of the doll can be raised and thus
      you can take photos looks as if the doll are human scale easily!
      And you can take photos of your doll with scenic view that you
      can hardly take without raising up the dolls easily!
      Below is some example pictures:


      For more information please check out at our blog.

      We will hold group orders at our blog,
      occasionally a limited number of stocks are available.
      For any enquiry please leave a message for us on our Q&A board,
      or sent us an email (anbcoop09@gmail.com).

      Right now we are holding a group pre-order which will be ended at 31st of May.
      Please take this opportunity to order your SELEN'S doll stand~
    2. updated news on pirate copies of SELEN'S stand.