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A bad season for dolls?

May 11, 2007

    1. Well, just recently i've noticed a greater number of people on here complaining about order problems (wether it be companies being rude, being slow, or just plain ignoring customers), and the people who do get responses seem to all say the same thing - even the reputable most trustworthy of places are having lots of trouble with manufacture of different parts (at least TWO companies having trouble with eyes, and I just read about one having trouble getting their resin to cast properly)
      So... is it my imagination, or have we had a bit of a bad season for our resin children?
      Do you think this is a sign of things to come, or just a -really- unlucky series of events effecting lots of people?
    2. It has been an issue for several companies in past summers ~ when it is hot and humid, it is more difficult to cast our resin dollies, unfortunately. Its pretty much a seasonal thing though I think.
    3. I think the rise in numbers of problems is due to a larger amount of people ordering and commenting on here than there was when the community started. Compared to the amount of orders being placed, ones that go wrong are still in the minority.
    4. along with the ideas presented, doll companies are generally run by artists and not factories that pump out the dolls by the hundreds, so mistakes are pretty much what happens when a small company has to handle so much work as well as such a high quality product that consumers expect perfection.
    5. It's starting to be the Rainy Season there and the resin doesn't cure correctly during this season. But I got my first doll during the season and he got here in 3 weeks.
    6. Rainy season time again. I don't really understand it, this is an annual problem. You'd think more companies would either work out a way to cast when it's humid or just rework their production so they're not casting as much in summer. The same problems happen every year.
    7. which time of the year is the safest time to place your order from any company?
    8. well, I know in China, not sure if this applies to Korea or Japan, they just finished their golden week, so if you are ordering dolls from China it'll most likely be delayed.
    9. When does the rainy/humid season end in Korea? I'm afriad to order a doll now this summer, lol. ><
    10. It seems if you order in the late summer to winter here in the USA the dolls seem to come in the order time frame posted by the company websites. Also during the winter season here in the USA is a good time too, but once it starts to become late spring to eary summer here in the USA, there seems to be a lot of problems. They have typhoons, and earth quakes, landslides where as in the USA we have hurricanes, tornados you know.... I can only imagine the lost of lives and buildings where it's possible items can get lost and production is down because of this.
    11. It seems that you hear about more dolls arriving broken throughout the rainy season, apparently the moisture keeps the resin from curing properly. It's also the wonkiest time for coloring. I know CP makes thier best shade of beauty green right around now. :o
    12. this is not extremely reassuring. So would the less humid/rainy season be better for getting a doll.

      Despite how much i luve CP, a beauty green doll is not what i expect
    13. I ordered my Choa from CH last summer, and she took about 2 months to arrive. I ordered my Cebee in December, and she arrived mid-February. So in my case, at least, I don't think it was weather.... Still, these are my favorite dolls, they are beautifully made and came with lots of extra goodies, and I would wait all over again if I had to. Getting your dream doll is worth the wait! These are essentially hand -crafted by artists and I suppose production really can't be rushed.

      That said, I just ordered a Miyu from Luts, and she shipped in a week...:D ! There's something to be said for immediate gratification, too. ;) And after waiting 2 months each for my last 3 dolls, I'm very happy to be settling in for a much shorter wait. In my experience Luts is much faster at shipping, regardless of the time of year.
    14. Ahahahahah xDD;;; That made me spit out my gum.

      The companies I ordered from tend to be either very long, or delayed. But I was lucky and my dolls have no flaws...either that, or I've failed to spot them. When IS the rainy season in Korea, anyway?

    15. ROFL, "beauty green" just totally cracked me up :)
    16. For those asking about the rainy season, to my understanding it tends to be mid June - early August. Of course, this differs depending on which country in East Asia (I'm pretty sure the main land gets it later then islands, for example) but for the most part it's during that time. I was over in Japan last summer end of July to the beginning of August and the humidity seemed to clear up the last day I was there! *_*
    17. When I first started out asking questions to companies they were quite friendly, unless its about an order I placed they won't answer. :|
    18. when i ordered my DODs it took 2 1/2 months (also DOD never answered any emails i sent them), and when i ordered my Soah they forgot to send her bathing suit and that was both 2 years ago.

      i agree that the higher amount of people ordering and talking on the forums probably makes the issue seem larger.
    19. [laughs] I'm not so sure about that...

      The two greenest CP BW dolls over here were made in October (Crane) and February (Nightengale). My pair of white Harangs are pretty green, too, and they were made in late August... We'll see what color Min & Ming (MNFs) are when they get here.

      I think CP's "white" resin is pretty much just a craps shoot *ANY* time of the year... o_O
    20. I didn't really know there was a bad time of year to order dolls, guess you learn something new everyday! But now that I've read this I'm feeling neurotic*_* I just ordered a boy from Tensiya, and now I'm afraid of him coming with cracks or looking like he's seasick or something. Does anyone know how well these companies handle exchanging a cracked doll?