a bag for bjd and camera?

May 23, 2019

    1. so i have been thinking about a bag that will fit my dolls 1/6 or 1/4 and a dslr camera safely
      wondering if anyone else already does this and what they use. i have been thinking of getting a "vintage style" carry on suitcase padding it out and adding a divider. it us just a bit awkward having a bunch of bags cause worried about items damaging each other
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    2. Have you seen danny choo's backpack for 1/3 dolls? Something that helps to divide things in a bag would be nice

      Although i i still suggest a doll pillow though
    3. Both my slim minis fit nicely into a jansport bag (safely nestled in a padded fabric sleeve, what I affectionately refer to as the “doll sack” with plenty of room for my wallet, keys, water bottle, etc; a camera plus a few dolls should be no problem :)
    4. I used to go to a doll meet one time. As I only had big guys, I used a padded trolley for the dolls. And a camera backpack for my DLSR. Worked great.
    5. At one point I had made my own bag with multiple pockets and a padded one for my tiny doll that also fit a 1/4 in the main part of the bag. I would just wrap the 1/4 in a super soft light colored or white cloth before putting them inside. Then I'd do the same for my camera (I never owned a fancy dslr, just a digital) and carefully lay it across her legs or in one of the pockets. I had also used a padded wine basket, a normal purse, a tote bag, a duffle bag and a backpack. Just made sure to bundle the dolls up so that they're protected.

      Lately I've been using a rolling luggage case with doll pillows, soft baby blankets, face masks and other soft things to protect the dolls from damage. Works pretty well when I'm transporting 5-8 dolls to go meet dolly friends or take dolls on photo trips. If I'm just taking tinies, I have an old camera bag that has hard sides and wrap my tinies in fleece with the camera in the bottom. Though, these days I use my cell phone instead of a camera.

      I have plans to make everyone their own "dolly sleeve" with a built in face mask so I'm not constantly wrapping and rewrapping and their eyelashes don't get smashed. But we'll see if I ever get to it.
    6. I use a back pack. I wrap my doll with face shield in a flannel baby blanket and my camera has a neoprene cover. I put camera in bottom and doll kind of sits on top. Doll always comes out first to get ready for photos, then camera. Then I either keep camera out as have on a neck strap and doll either stays out or goes back in bag. I keep back pack simple with two pockets, one big for doll and camera, and the small front pocket for wallet and such. Two side pockets for water bottles. I wanted any weight to bag in straps as I want to be comfortable.

      Now this works great for my MSD sized and smaller dolls, but for my bigger guys I will have to just either carry the doll and camera or if lots of walking use my granddaughter's stroller. LOL
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    7. Do you have pictures of what that would look like? I'm curious. It sounds like a cool idea.
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    8. You could buy something like this camera backpack that is fully customizable, so you can adjust the pockets any way you like to hold your camera, lenses and dolls.
    9. Ahh, those are so cute!!
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    10. So I just picked up a hard case case leather wine carrier at the second hand store for $5 so this will be my grab and go divide for my normal back pack (as long as the doll I'm taking for a shoot is smaller than 27cmm) I looked at Danny choo's bag and love it but cant afford it at the moment so I plan on buying another 2 hard case wine carriers (so I can cut them up and stick them together and kneeling size) and configure a back pack around the now 2 doll compartments with similar fake leather or a grey breathable fabric
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