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a BJD in a MOVIE!

Apr 16, 2007

    1. I was watching an Asian Horror movie called Cinderella, and in one of the scenes a girl was having a birthday party and she got a doll for her birthday, it looked like it belonged to the Dream of Doll line up. His eyes were like that of Homme Duncan and Kirill.

      I'm going to go to a friends house as soon as possible, so he can capture the images.

      Have you ever seen a BJD in a movie?
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    2. in doll master yes. the customhouse dolls were a feature of that movie
    3. I don't know about movies, but the super dollfie is one of the main features of the manga Fairy Cube by Kaori Yuki, one of the characters, a man, has one and uses it to disguise the fairy of the title
      she's shown on the cover of book 2
    4. I actually started a thread a whille ago on here about BJDs in the live action Death Note movie. They were artist made dolls I believe, but Misa Misa had a bunch all over her bedroom.
    5. Cool, I need to check all that out.
    6. There's a Korean horror film (I.. guess it was horror? It wasn't very scary. xD) called "Bunshinsaba," and one of the characters had a Dollmore doll sitting on her desk. You couldn't really tell what doll it was, because it was only shown from afar in one scene, but it was there. ;>
    7. WARNING~~~ SPOILERS on some threads

      So I was watching this really sick and twisted chinese.. or maybe japanese movie with my brother and his friend the other day. (Honestly I dont think too many of you will be interested in watching this movie. Its.. disturbing.. Hostel, Saw 3, The Hills Have eyes, type of disturbing.) Although I dont think anyone will want to watch this movie, at least the first 2 segments, I do think that people will be happy to know that BJDs are making their way out into the movie world after doll master.

      Anyways the movie is made up of 3 different stories, which deals with Irony. The first segment I think alot of people will be disturbed so just skip that one if you want. It deals with eating.. really creepy things and I assure you wont want to eat meet for a very long time.The second one, is disturbing as well, and makes you think a bit, theres lots of blood in this one.

      BUT, keep skipping and skipping until you get to the last episode. I really enjoyed this one and theres No Blood, or anything gory. This has to do with twins, and a circus. This is where the BJD makes its appearance. This doll doesnt look like any doll that I know of, but I can tell it is indeed a BJD. Its only like 5mins worth of seeing her too, but hey shes in it, heheh. I think alot of you will like the last episode. Its a bit scary so if you cant handle scariness, hehe this is most definately not the movie. The movie isnt about the BJD, so I dont want to give any false hope now. heh.

      Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that yay I saw another BJD in a movie. YAY! Not that too many of you will want to see it hahaha. Just saying is all.

      The movie is called The 3 Extremes for those who are interested, and have the stomach for gore, ghost, and demons.

    8. Im going to have to check this movie out...Along with Doll Master. ;)
    9. I love movies like that (I'm a big time horror fan and movies that get under your skin are way better than movies that just make you jump a little due to loud sudden music). I'm going to have to see if I can find it and spot the doll!
    10. Oooh! I'm a sucker for Asian horror movies, and a BJD is an added bonus! I'll have to look for it.
    11. I believe it's a collaboration of Korean, Japanese and Chinese work. The Japanese section is probably the one with the doll in.
    12. I almost rented that a while ago.. I will for sure now!
    13. Aww I've seen all 3 of them!! I loved them - even though they are pretty weird.
    14. hehe, in the 'Death note" live action movie (part2) there are BJD's in Misa's bedroom, although they are just in the background, i thought it was cool.
    15. :) Im glad others have seen it or are interested in seeing it XD It most definately gets under your skin *nods
    16. i've been wanting to see it ^^

      oh, there was a doll in the korean movie Cinderella i think it was a DoC
    17. XD the joys of life *happydance
    18. hostel made me sick, I had to stop watching the hills have eyes half way through, saw was ok but gave me nightmares. lol. either way I dont think I'll be watching this movie, but my boyfriend might like it. :O