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A book that show with pics the entire BJDs process?

Jul 7, 2016

    1. Hello,
      I need an information and I don't know where to ask this...
      many years ago, I remember I saw a photobook that explained step by step the entire process of (Volks?) BJDs.
      I wish to find the title of this book... I never really understood the entire process of production of a BJD from a real company (not the tutorials on youtube, but I wish to see the real company at work (how they produced etc), just to realize what exactly it's 'happening' while they produce my doll... I still don't have idea how a bjd is born, and see the 'atmophere' of this process while I'm waiting my first Luts doll.

      Thanks a lot for any info!

    2. I was wanting to find the same thing. There are a fair amount of "how to make your own BJD" tutorials around, but I haven't found anything that shows the inner workings of an established BJD company. Would be awesome to see how the pros do it :)
    3. very few (if any) companies with completely show the making process. Why? Because each company will have small elements they do not want others to know and then copy. Iplehouse has shown many 'parts' of what goes into dolls ... especially how a face up is done. I doubt you will find a company that has made a book that shows all of it's companies unique techniques. General guides you will find but not company specific.
    4. Are you thinking of this book? Yoshida Style Ball Jointed Making Guide
      I don't personally own it, but based on the pictures Amazon shows it looks like it shows quite a bit of the dollmaking process. It might be in Japanese though, but it has a lot of pictures. If you google BJDs in books on Amazon a bunch of books come up. So you could also try that.
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