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a complete, and total change in what you find attractive in BJD's?

Apr 15, 2010

    1. i've discovered that my tastes in BJD has completely changed. I used to only love the very anime-esque bjds. Over time, nothing changed--until recently. WIthin the last year, i got my Iplehouse Kamau. He's hyper realistic, with a more in-proportion head, and a more heroic, true-to life anatomy. I fell absolutely in love. Then i got my Yukinojo. Again, a pretty realistic mold. The head still has a bit of an anime-esque look, but overall, the body, is pretty realistic. Now i have a Limwha Luna. VERY realistic. I then decided to sell most of my more anime-esque dolls. Shiwoo vampires, Elfdoll Red, Elfdoll Mir, Dollzone Lotus, and Luts Na-nu-ri 07.

      Has this happened to any of you? A near-total overhaul in what you find attractive in BJDs?
    2. comicbookartisboi, I seem to have gone in the opposite direction to you :lol: I started out liking the more realistic sculpts, my first dolls were from Souldoll! When I got my SDC Kurenai (who has a more anime aesthetic with big eyes, tiny nose, small mouth), I started to prefer that aesthetic and moved much more towards that style, particularly when I got my Dollfie Dream OPH01. I sold or traded all my Souldolls and I've stuck with Volks then onward because I prefer their take on the anime aesthetic.

      I still like the realistic sculpts and I wouldn't rule out a return to them one day, but right now I like the less realistic ones!
    3. No--I wouldn't say changed, but they did get added to a bit. My preference has been and probably always will be for the very stylized sculpts. However, that doesn't mean I don't like more realistic dolls, it just depends on how well a doll fits the character I'm buying it for and how drawn I feel towards individual sculpts. Though if a more realistic doll fits a character I will be more likely to buy it than if I was just out to buy something that grabbed me. Usually the dolls who grab me in a gut kind of way are still the stylized ones. Some of my favorite sculpts are CP Chiwoo and the SD13 Four Sisters head sculpt if that tells you anything. However, my resin hoard has a lot more variety in it due to buying bodies for characters than it would've otherwise, and it's kind of a neat thing.
    4. I have the same situation! When I got into dolls I really liked the anime type, maybe I even wanted to have my characters in "anime style". But since then it somehow changed and I've started to dislike the all too big eyes and little noses and mouths. Now I adore the more realistic dolls - the more realistic, the better! That's the main reason I like Super Gems, because they have small heads and very adult look. I'm not very interested in Volks dolls and Delfs, because they look so...dollish? :) I even find some dolls I used to think were ugly to be really attractive (and want to have them!).
    5. For me, it's a size thing. I always thought I'd have a tiny army. So I started with a Lati Green and thought I'd work down in size... instead I've been working up! I got an MSD next and am working on an SD (he's just a head right now). I also NEVER thought I'd own a Doll-Zone doll. I usually don't like the sculpts so much and found the faces to be "scrunched". But again... my taste changed and I have a DZ Aimi.

      I think for me I was just naive about what I liked, and the more into the hobby I get, the more open I become to the beauty in all sculpts (I still have some I can't ever see having an interest in... but then again, that could change! lol).
    6. I've always preferred the mature/realistic sculpts and have pretty much kept with that. After being away from the hobby for a couple of years, I returned and realised that I preferred a more masculine, heroic male rather than the lean & lanky. So Elfdoll K and Limhwa Mano were sold. I also realised that I preferred the larger sized doll 60 cm+, so Narae and MNF Lishe were sold. I then bought 2 Iplehouse EID dolls, Jessica & Akando, both chosen for their size and realism. In summary, I'd have to say that I'm finding the larger size, in proportion dolls more attractive now. I like sewing for my dolls and the bigger size dolls make it easier for me to create realistic clothing as I have bigger range of fabric & prints to work with.
    7. I used to require all my bjd be fantasy creatures... first it was Vampires, then elves. In recent years the fantasy creature thing has mostly become uninteresting to me; I just have regular human, ultra-realistic kids these days.

      I occasionally go through phases where I need something "cute" but as much as I admire this type of doll on screen, they don't fit in here, and so don't tend to stay. My only concession to cute and/or fantasy these days is my avatar girl, a Volks MSD F-11. I can't imagine ever selling her unless I was to leave the hobby completely or acquire a new lifestyle that somehow renders me unable to keep dolls (can't imagine either at this point however). She'll just have to be the odd-dolly-out I suppose!

    8. I haven't changed all together, no. But when I first started collecting I didn't like the elf dolls at all. Then I fell in love with Lati Doll Aida and now I find I am more attracted to some elf eared dolls. I love the new Bobobie Yun and I have a niece who has a moded elf doll I lust for so that way I have changed.
      Also, I didn't like the bigger dolls at first-I had a Minifee Luts and a Dollzone Yang Jr. but the larger ones speak to me more now. I have a Kamau SwordDancer and think he is just gorgeous and a Dollzone Ying that is superb-
    9. I started the hobby not liking Volks because of their "outrageous" prices and "unusual" sculpts, but now I can't seem to stop looking at them, particularly F34, F16, and Williams. Good-bye, money!~
      I also didn't like the larger eyes and unrealistic proportions, but now I want a Volks F01 and a Kid Delf Ani, so that changed quite a bit too! I still really love more realistic dolls and I doubt I'll ever dislike them, however.

      Also, I seem to get the more realistic sculpts for my characters, and the less realistic sculpts I get because I like them, but I don't think that I will assign already-made characters to them.
    10. I don't know if this counts, but I really didn't like dreaming-type eyes at the beginning. I liked seeing white in the eyes. But I got a DZ Megi and put 16mm eyes in him and there was no white at all. And it was great! So I'm a fan of dreaming heads now.
    11. yes =]

      when i first got into the hobby i wanted the anime styled sculpts. i was seriously considering luts ani/bory and DOD ivan and kirill. the only realistic doll i would have seriously considered buying was a dollshe saint but at the time i didnt think that was possible.

      now the doll i was going to make my luts bory will be an iplehouse I. and instead of dod kirill and ivan im looking at migidoll ryu and miho. and im very excited to get my dollshe saint and my supia rosy too.

      but while most of my plans are for realistic dolls my first doll is a anime sculpt and he is not going anywhere. and i do still want a few of the anime sculpts (the ones ive always loved like shushu, soony, and hopefully someday a cyber bohemian shiwoo)

      so im kind of in the middle i guess. i like and want to own both types. but when i first got into the hobby i wanted alot more anime dolls and one or two realistic and now ive switched to wanting a few stylized dolls and lots of realistic.
    12. Yep ~
      I was into the fantasy style dolls in the beginning as well.
      But now I'm into the more realistic dolls also.
      I still like the fantasy stuff and I go enjoy the anime like stuff.
      But Limwah and such are some of the dolls a find top my list now.
    13. Not really, probably because when I first entered the hobby I wasn't entirely certain what I liked and found a whole manner of dolls beautiful and didn't yet have the understanding as to how I'd like my collection to mesh. Even so, I was still drawn to the more stylized sculpts and that hasn't really changed too drastically.

      My first real huge doll loves were DoD Kirill and Ivan, and even now I still believe Ivan is one of the most gorgeous sculpts out there. But I think having them with me has helped me pinpoint exactly what type of doll I like. I hesitate to say I like the more anime influenced dolls as I don't prefer dolls with large eyes. It's sleepy/romantic/dreamy/etc. (not fully closed) eyes for me all the way, and larger noses and definitely full lips are the thing for me.

      However, in the beginning I hadn't yet realized this and bough an Angell-Studio Gus, a sculpt more simplified than my DoCs with big eyes and thin lips. I still have him today (after some major modifications), but it's solely out of emotional attachment and really has very little to do with how attracted I am to his sculpt. So in that way I learned I prefer a more detailed sculpt and smaller eyes. The same thing happened when I had both a MNF El and two Latidoll Blue heads. I found them to be nice dolls that just simply didn't mix with my DoCs and I knew without a doubt I preferred my DoCs MUCH more. So I learned mature minis were also not my thing.

      All in all I wouldn't say my collection has had a complete turn-around as I still have my first two original dolls and have grown the rest of my current collection to match them. Like many I've learned to weed out what doesn't work for me, but in my case it seems my initial instincts were right since many of my dolls now look very similar to my first boys.
    14. No, I've always liked a mixture of styles in my collection. Variation prevents (or at least delays) burnout.
    15. I have an anime style doll on layaway. I've also been eyeing a boy sculpt that looks somewhat anime-esque too. Generally, I prefer more realistic but I'm cool with variety too.
    16. I thought for sure I would love mature boy sculpts. So far however, I have not been able to bond at all. Actually even the older mature female sculpts don't seem to be able to hold my affections. I've gone from a mostly SD expectation to MSD and sculpts that are 'cuter' rather than sexy. I prefer more stylized sculpts as well. I though Iplehouse was really gorgeous at first but after having an Akando I just don't hold any love for them now. They're still beautiful but they bore me lol.
    17. I'm not the type to ever have a complete overhaul of a collection, but my tastes have changed a bit. At first, I really liked the realistic sculpts, and my first was from Souldoll, and my second was to be from Iplehouse. Then I fell in love with Kid Delf Bory. Even still, she's in between. But then I met someone with a Suiseiseki, and totally fell for the anime look.

      I can't sell dolls that I love, especially because my first has such sentimental value at this point, so I've decided to have "two BJD collections." One will have the anime-styled dolls which I've come to love, and the others the hyper realistic style that got me into BJDs in the first place. :)
    18. When I first got into the hobby all of my dolls were very animeesque. But after buying my first realistic doll, a soom dia, I sold all my unrealistic dolls.
    19. I used to loooooove white skin and that it made the dolls look more like dolls, but now my white skin kids kind of irk me. Now I've got two white skin dolls to five ns and one lilac.

      Also, I started out liking elves and such, and now I love the super realistic human sculpts. I've only kept the white skin dolls (also, both of them are elves) because one was my first doll and the other was a Christmas present from my parents and she means a lot to me because it showed that they cared about my hobby.
    20. I guess its only natural that personal taste can change over time. When I first got into ABJD's I remember loving the cute anime kind of dollies, big eyes and little mouth. Now I am prefering the more detailed sculpts, I think my Glorydoll Louis is just fabulous.