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A DIM and MNF question~

Oct 2, 2008

    1. I really like the DIM Jullis sculpt. I know that the DIM boys are larger than the girls...but how does the male head fit on the girl body? I haven't found much on their bodies, but it sounds like they don't pose very well. So, how does the DIM boys fit on a minifee girl body? Hows the neck hole and resin match?
    2. I only have a DIM girl (Flowne) and I have a few MNF. They would not work at ALL. I'll try to remember to get pictures in a bit-the DIM resin is incredibly pale, and their dolls are just, well.. Large. MNF have very small heads for minis, and the DIM dolls look like giants next to them.
    3. Oh okay, thank you! : )

      How is the DIM posing ability?
    4. Honestly, I haven't done much with my DIM girl, but from what I've seen it's okay. Nothing amazing (but I have a MNF A-Line body), not awful.
    5. Oh really? Thats good. I'll try to find some threads on it. Does anyone have a male happy head on a female body? Is it to off? I mean the boys are 47 and the girls 44. Is it just the body that's bigger or are the heads large too?
    6. Large as in compared to a male and female DIM. A male is 47cm and a female is 44cm. I just wanted to know if a male sculpt head looked too big on a female body.