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A Family Affair: Do your loved ones love dolls too?

Aug 6, 2009

    1. Sorry if this post exists.

      Are you lucky enough to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or kids that also adore participating in the BJD hobby? Do they have their own dolls too?
    2. Mum has one ^.^

      A CP DES hybrid that we're working on (rescue projeckt)


      And my crew sits on our shared computer desk, hehe I'll find them posed or re-arranged sometimes and I'm like 0.o and then mum will be all like, they looked sad. And I'm like phew. No ghosties playing with my crew.

      But one of my (in the near future) girls will be a ghost, which was created around a dream I had so hehe it'll be fun.
    3. I seem to be the only one of my kind in my extended family. My two sisters like dolls, but not abj dolls. Hubby loves bikes and couldn't care less.
    4. My brother couldnt hate them more, while my little sister is in love with them, seeing as all little girls have an extreme obsession with dolls haha (:
    5. I think I'm the only one in my family that likes BJD's. However, my Mom does enjoy making clothes. xD
    6. im the only one in my family that has/likes bjds, my mum and dad are interested in the things i make and what dolls i currently own and my sis collects other toys such as vinyl and pullips. the boyfriend....hes not so fussed but does know their names!
    7. I am lucky enough to have a husband who enjoys looking at BJDs with me. I'm still saving for my first one, but he is excited to see how I plan to customize her once she's home. :aheartbea He even mentioned in passing he might be interested in owning a male BJD some day.

      It doesn't surprise me that he feels that way, though. I have collected teddy bears all my life - and for the 7+ years we've been together, he's always supported my collection. :lol:
    8. So far I'm the only one in my family, but my mother does enjoy their beauty. I don't think she can get over the price shock. I guess I can't blame here, really! XD
    9. Peppermint Pocky- Awww, that sounds so cute! Its cool to hear your husband supports your hobbies ~~ And good luck getting your first one!
    10. Nope, they think I'm nuts! Lol. Either that or just being the childlike eccentric that I am.
      I did get my cousin totally addicted though, so I guess that counts. :)
    11. well i'm the only one in my family that really love them and i don't even have one yet just his wig :(
    12. My husband got into them too. His first boy arrived the same day as my second doll. It's been over a year now and he's still just as into it as I am. It's really fun sharing the hobby with him. My kids are too young to be into them. My youngest does love the dollies, but I make him love them from afar. He has his own little dolls and figurines that he likes to get out and take pictures of. My oldest is interested in getting a dollzone rabbit, but I think it's just because it reminds him of a character from a story he likes. Maybe when they are older they will want to get into them more.
    13. I think I'm the first one to own (going to own) a bjd in my family o.o

      My boyfriend bought my Zeppelin Brownie for me.
      But when I told him I was going to get a Luts Cherry Boy, he got mad.
      He says it's not the doll he dislikes, it's the amount of money I'm spending on "just a doll" :/
      I wish he was into them a bit more and all. He's really indifferent about it. :(

      Lucky PeppermintPocky xD
      Hope you love your first bjd.
      It'd be extremely adorable if your hubby did get his own male. :D

      Haha, I think for me I'd be getting the boy and my bf would get the girl.
      If only :P
    14. Why thank you! :)

      Thanks Spiteless ~ and yes, I'm a lucky girl. I know I'll love my BJD to bits. I'd love it if eventually he got one, too. We're both very artsy people - I have a feeling once he sees one in person and just how much you can customize them he may break. That's what happened to me.

      Hey... I can dream. :XD:
    15. Your Welcome PeppermintPocky <3

      Haha, I can only hope :lol:
      Oh spreading the BJD joy~
    16. Tch. I wish my family could get into them. Most of my family are very superficial people though, and none of them artistic. They just can't even fathom why I would spend that much money on a doll, even though my aunts spend hundreds of dollars on purses and shoes. *sigh* Some people are such hypocrites...
      Some of you are lucky to have family members that accept your hobbies :)
    17. Nobody in my family cares.
      My brothers will listen intently to whatever I want to talk about, but he calls the sliding joints in my dolls "fat rolls" to bug me.
      My fiance thinks they're a stupid hobby.
    18. I'm really lucky... my boyfriend collects movie memorabilia so he's really understanding. He even went in half and half with me for my first doll as a birthday gift! :D

      My mom thinks they're pretty... but not for the price. hehe

      My dad just thinks I'm insane... I never had any interests in dolls till my twentys. :p

      None of my friends have even heard or seen anything like these dolls... I'm hoping to convert them! XD I've almost got one convinced!
    19. most of my friends adore them. only one of my sisters can stand looking at them while the rest of my family are scared of them. my boyfriend doesnt think they are "too" creepy but he only likes Bella for some odd reason <_<
    20. Surprisingly, both of my parents actually like Kal, my mum keeps saying how handsome he is and caution me not to drop him whenever I carry him around, while my dad kept giving me fashion tips on what clothes looks best on him, lol.

      My brother is the only one who seemed pretty neutral about Kal, once in a while he would give my doll his 'I-am-creep-out-by-you look' ^^''