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A fat dollfie.

Dec 30, 2005

    1. It has recently come to my atention *because i only just started to look* that I have never EVER seen a fat dollfie, or a chubby dollfie for that matter.
      They are all skinny.
      And have decent boobs.
      So does any one have a fat/chubby dollfie?
      Can I please see pictures of it?
      This is really bugging me, so I hope that there is a fat dollfie out there some where
    2. The nair Pansey's are a little chubby. They are so cute! I will try and find a link for you. ^_^
    3. I guess there just isn't the market for them. Unless you look at the childlike dolls most of them will have "good" figures: nice breasts, thin waists, slender limbs.

      I suppose there are reasons for thiner limbs like possible better posing. but really it's just because most people don't want an "ugly" doll. Look how harsh people are when it comes to face molds? She has sticky out ears! Cheeks are too fat! Nose is too pointy! we're really very very picky. =P We have every right to be, considering what it costs to get them, but it seems we're generally intollerant of "faults" in dolls.

      of course this is only a general statement, and my uses of the words good, ugly and faults are puerly subjective and not nessersarily my opinion. (just covering my arse here, I don't want to start any flame wars. ;-; ) but there it is.

      I think if you wanted a fat doll you'd have to look more at artists/one-off dolls. Like there was that pregnant doll.

      Good luck in finding one!! I'd like to see one too =D please post pics if you have any luck.
    4. I know it sounds weird, but one of the reasons I love my girl is because she has the "ideal" body. I do not have this "ideal" body, and often, when cosplaying or looking at gorgeous EGL outfits (or even regular clothes) I really regret what I look like. Su is my alterego, kinda. I can give her clothes that I could never look good in, and she looks gorgeous. So I like her like that.

      On the other hand, a more "realistic" or even fat, BJD, would be loved and cherished by me, simply because I would feel his or her BJD pain.
    5. I want to see dolls with junk in the trunk, too! :D

      I don't think they exist, not only would they not sell as well but it would make balance more difficult. Imagine how hard it would be to stand a doll with a heavy pot belly. I know I tend to draw skinny people, not because I like skinny people particularly but because it is difficult to naturally draw the folds and wrinkles in the skin.
    6. I wouldn't want one just because of how difficult it would be to find clothes..that's one of the reasons why I only want Volks dolls, most of the companies make clothes in their sizes.
    7. HAHAH while I admit I would LOVE to see a bigger BJD - I would never buy one. I like my BJDs cause they have the "ideal" body and can wear things! As an overweight cosplayer, theres SO many costumes I wanna make but simply cant wear or pull off due to my weight (well I could, but I dont want to blind people)... so if I REALLY want I can make em for my doll and they can look AMAZING in it. Seriously - no matter how fit or thin I was, I would never look as amazing in some outfits as dolls can. Because they can become that character 100% and thats neat. Wow okay that went off track tehre... but youget the idea.

      I like being me. You will never hear me *seriously* complain about my body. I like me, and I am happy with myself. But Im not the most attractive person in the world body-wise (and Im sure not face-wise, but thats not what this is about), and I dont really think a doll would look that hot with cellulite dimpled thighs. :P ^^;;; WHOOOOO
    8. As much as, like some of you, I like my dolls to have "the perfect figure" just for aesthetics, I really would like to see some well-rounded girls. Not necessarily what I would call fat, but I do love a womanly figure. I've met a few that have thicker bodies, and one at particular at yaoi-con. I think she was a Unoss? I noticed that her legs were very thick, and I rather liked the shape of her body. I think that the thicker bodies have a certain appeal that the thinner do not. My SoulDoll Lune, for example, is thicker through the shoulders and chest (very muscular looking, actually), and I really like the heft of him. He feels very large and real in my hands. I was turned off from Hound originally because he looked so thin, but have since grown to like his look (obviously, since I just got home for Christmas). I would LOVE to see the companies make some thick-bodied dolls: not just muscular, but stouter as well. Guess time will tell-- Tan is getting popular, maybe thicker body structures will follow ^_^
    9. As others have stated... These dolls have 'ideal' figures for Aesthetic beauty. But we have to give the companies props for having at least slightly realistic molds... (DODs have very round thighs and a big booty), and they aren't sticks, and their breasts are not HUGE, and their waists aren't tiny. They're just about averagely small all-around.

      However, another thing to keep in mind is that the sculptors might have had an Asian figure in mind while sculpting some of these dolls. Essentially, very small, with small hips, and small proportions. I think it's as much familiarity as it is Aesthetic beauty. :)
    10. A 'fat' BJD would also cause problems with posing. The weight of the resin used would make the doll unstable, and would make elastic with enough tension to hold the peices up very hard to find.

      Unless the doll was very hollow, however, but I guess that may be hard to make.
    11. My MSD Ken is chubby... it makes posing harder and he is heavier. I think thats a big issue

      another thing is it is not profitable to make dolls that are not popular-remember where these dolls are primarily sold. the culture is harsh against anyone thats overweight

      but that said volks should make a sumo LE haha
    12. the weight of the resin! oh dear, for some reason this just made me giggle.

      i see enough fat every day when I look in the mirror; I just really don't want to see it on a bjd either. my dolls are idealistic representations of people, not real ones, and as Shelican said they look fabulous in EVERYTHING and that makes me happy.

      I've got enough junk in my trunk for a fleet of tankers. I like my dolls to be everything I'm not.
    13. Well I supose this does not mean anything but I am fairly skinny.
      And people are always telling me that we *the skinny people* are inhuman to their pain, and that we are perfect, and that we never look beyond images.
      Well that might be tru but I always get mad at the person telling me that because are they not the ones freaking out, and treating me diferantly because of my size? Anyways I guess I would not want an entirly fat dollfie but I sertinly would not mind a more womanly shape with out them looking sher's dollies.
      not to be rude or anything, but your dollies are sex gods, and they kind of scare me somtimes >.>
    14. I would love to sculpt a rounder doll.. being pleasantly plump myself! But my materials and funds are rather limited ATM, with needing a new car and all :(
    15. You are my idol XD
      Completely agree. Though I wish they had slightly more built boys, as in thicker all around... I don't want my boy to be a waif. X_X

    16. Awww, but waifs are so cute XD