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A favour for my sister; a mini who looks like this?

Aug 17, 2009

    1. My little sister has been interested in BJDs since I got my first one, and she's thinking about saving up for her own one. We've been looking at a few brands like Kid Delf, MiniFee and Dollmore.

      She knows she wants an MSD size doll, maybe tan skinned, and her budget is going to be low-to-middle end of what you might expect to pay :3 She's currently 13 but might be a year or two older before she gets the doll, we all acknowledge this! She has some saving to to... (The most expensive we considered was the the MNF dolls/DollZone and we've looked at second hand also.)

      Anyway... My sis is a big Hannah Montana fan and after picking out MNF Luka as a favourite (eeep, are we going to find one of those for less than Fairyland sell? Not likely!) and some others, she said 'can I show you a picture of somebody I'd like my doll to look just a little bit like?'.

      So, here's a picture... (oh, it pains me. I *hate* Hannah Montana, but I'd love for my sister and I to have a common interest) ...

      (linked to avoid being a bad internet user...) http://www.blog-city.info/en/img4/4871_emily-osment-300b101006.jpg

      Any help? It doesn't have to be a mega resemblance, but I figured posting the image on here would be a good starting point. Please also remember my sister is only 13 (same age I got into abjd, I think) so although she's old enough to put in the effort and save up for something... $450 might be just a bit out of our price range!
    2. Well, there is an inexpensive doll from Bobobie that seems to me to have a little of that look. Bobobie makes really cute dolls. They're not going to have the exquisite hands or flexability of a minifee, however, they're very nicely made. I plan on getting a body to put my extra minifee head on eventually. So when they share a body, they can at least have a second body to live on while waiting to use the main minifee body, LOL.

      click here for the picture and here for the link to the sales page.

      The other thing you could do is get a bobobie body and put a minifee head on it. Then later, when you have money, get a minifee body for her.

      Don't let the price scare you, though. Bobobie does make very cute dolls. My bigest complaint is the hands, but they're not that bad at all! I just like big, expressive hands :P
    3. Wait, who does your sister want the doll to look like? I don't think that's Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, that's the actor who plays her best friend in her show isn't it? Is that what she's looking for? Just checking ^^; .

      Well, I don't know too much about Iplehouse, but I thought Tatiana's or Tania's faces resembled some of Hannah Montana's features, like the nose, eye shape, mouth/smile. And they are quite pretty! The price is listed at $300. Apparently there's a normal skin and white skin available, but I don't see where I can find a direct comparison.

      There's a thread with a list of cheap dolls/companies that's floating around somewhere, you can also make a search for that.

    4. Doll-zone makes cute dolls too! My first doll was a DZ mini ^^ And they do tanned skin too! :D
    5. I second the Bobobie suggestion - but rather than Lan, who is very delicate looking, I'd look at Espree for more of an all-American girl look.

      The site pictures are awful, but do a google image search or a flickr search to see how very lovely she is. She has a similar jaw line and nose, and although her eyes are larger, they are a similar shape. Especially if you ordered her in light tan, I think she'd have the right fresh-faced look and work really well. And even with tan skin and face-up, she's only $163.
    6. I second the Espree. It's a good option for a young girl who wants to get into dolling as a hobby.
    7. I think it's really cute that you're willing to put up with having to stare at a Hannah Montana look a like all day so you can share the doll hobby with your sister, heehee. I'm not much help, I agree with the others that the bobobie dolls are a really good low cost startup doll if she isn't sure how much she wants to invest. I remember being 14/15, 20 bucks was enormous for me, I don't know how I'd have saved up around 350 D:
    8. IngieBee; thank you! Bobobie had totally not occured to me *facepalm*. She had a look but I think those pictures can be really offputting >.< On the other hand, I've noticed a pretty little girl called Mei. Oh dear.

      almyki; that was the image she gave me, I was fully under the impression that she was Miley Cyruss. I checked and my sister says no, why did you think that? That's the girl I like! She loves the Iplehouse dolls but doesn't think think they'd make a good first doll, if you see what I mean. I think it's grown up of her.. but a shame, they're so pretty!

      Nana; thank you! We've been looking <3

      autumnrain and Splynterhayde; we had a look at Espree but unfortunatley she isn't right :( thank you very much anyway! It's really kind of you to make a suggestion.

      spacemachine; haha, yes. um, yes. i managed mine by asking for money at birthdays and xmas as well as saving, hopefully she's manage the same way :3 good luck to her!

      anyway, our best suggestion so far has been Jelly from Honigdoll... suggested by somebody on Angel-Unlimited, I think she might have won my sis's heart! She likes the MNF bodies too thou :3
    9. Look through the Bobobie thread, it's much better to look at owner's pictures than the store's site. Owner's pictures always show the doll off best AND more accurately. Espree sounds great too!

      Nice thing also about Bobobie is that they do colors so well! Love all their colors, but for some reason, green is my favorite :P Love green elves. I've yet to get one though, as I took a dark tan instead, thinking I'd eventually get the green... but then finances got tight, LOL.
    10. I was a bit puzzled by the colours >.> I knew they did the usual range plus green and blue, but with such a long list I guessed that referred to make-up options! Thanks :3 I am having n00btimez.
    11. Bobobie/Resinsoul Mei is a very sweet doll :) My brand new Soom Glot has similar resin to my Bobobie Cookie, the quality of the resin is higher than you would expect based on price.
    12. I looooove Bobobie, and it's very exciting when you add in their diverse options with their low cost. My first big doll was a Bobobie (only because I did not know about them till after I had bought my first doll.

      If you start looking at Bobobie, though, make sure you go check out RL photos from other people (the Bobobie director on this site is awesome!). I've noticed that a lot of the stock pictures the company sends out don't necessarily look like the actual dolls, as in, they don't do the doll justice.
    13. I think Resinsoul June is a close match to your actress- at least in the face! Jun has very big elf ears.Mine is in white skin but in NS or tan she would look more closely like her.
    14. How about checking out Planetdoll, with the right faceup she could be nice, she has the right young look whereas I think Espree and similar are too mature. Katie or Cindy look like a good match to me http://www.planetdoll.com/shop/step_submain.php?b_code=B20080820120006 Or this Roseanne in their gallery http://www.planetdoll.com/board/vie...MBOARD5&choose2=&choose1=&pagenow=2&CB=&ID=38

      And then there are the vinyl American bjd's which have a more 'all American' look but are off topic here. But Secret could work well too.

      Good luck, I hope she finds a nice doll!!
    15. I can't really suggest anything that hasn't already been suggested, but I hope your sister finds the perfect doll! I used to watch Hannah Montana on the family channel alot lol *_*