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A furry and a Doll lover?

Jul 8, 2011

    1. So I do not see myself as a 'furry' more than 'fur-curious' person. I am really into dolls of course! so i was wondering if people have both hobbies as a furry and doll lover, and if so do they ever cross? Do you go through periods where you are into one hobby more? and how is it overall :)
      thanks :fangirl:

      *P.s i couldnt fine any other fourm that addressed furries , so if you know of one please post
    2. I'm a furry AND a doll lover! I will have to admit that I do tend to favor one fandom over the other from time to time... normally when I have a burnout moment with one I favor the other. I'm also a fur artist, so I kinda tend to burn out of furry quite often. XD It helps to have friends in either fandom too. (I have my doll gals and then my furry peeps)... even if I prefer to go to the Doll meetups over the Furry Meetups.

      I will have to say, though... the anthro dolls are awesome and I do wish they made bigger ones!!!
    3. I'd like to think I'm both. With as many Anthro dolls as I have... I cover both side of the line. I just paid out my layaway for another anthro so... the waiting begins.

      - ShadowHawke -
    4. I've always loved dolls and plush animals, but when i was a child i had a bit of a phobia for people in fursuits. Somehow they scared me a lot.

      Kinda like the idea now. So cute and innocent...or not?

      Try Wikifur.
    5. I'm NOT a furry but I really, really wish more companies would make MSD and taller anthros! I have a whole list!!! :)
    6. I'm a furry AND a dollcollector, but the two rarely cross over for me. I have furry-fandom days and doll-fandom days, according to mood. ^_^ I have semi-anthro dolls, but they're more in the kemonomimi range- humanoid with slight animal features (ears, tails, paws, but human heads and bodies).
      If any company ever made an SD-sized equine anthro, though, I'd be all over that.
    7. I know people who are into furries and into bjds.

      I'm not exactly a furry, but I've been to a ton of ConFurences--years ago. I was local, so I started with CF -zero! And I also went to the last one. And I've been to FC, since it's drive-able. And I've sold some furry paintings, etc. I know a ton of furry artists. They overlap with the f/sf artist crowd a bit. I know several furry artists who own bjds.

      I would have thought the tiny bjd anthros would appeal to furry fans. Not really sure many have gotten into them, though.

      I have 4 tiny anthros, myself. And a ton of Soom dolls with animal parts.
    8. I consider myself a demi-fur (But I'd love to be a 'suiter >w< ) and collect BJDs. Some of the people that I watch on FA will post pictures of their dolls and they're really lovely. Sometimes I think most of them collect human more than anthro types, but I'm sure everyone has at least one antho doll. |D" ? I have a Pipos Bao and LS Wolfram, myself.

      Lately I've had the idea of getting fursuits for some of my dolls. XD So that's how well I bring the two hobbies/fandoms together.
    9. Omigosh I was meaning to start a topic in this ^^
      I'm hoping to go to Anthro Con next year, since it's not only the closest con (alibeit on the other side of the state) but also the biggest con!
      I really want to run a nobility order for a zaoll sized wolf/canine.. with face plates and ear pegs so you could have different species.
      Yes I also wanna make a fursuit, but I'm going to try to make one for myself before a dolly sized one.
      I like anthros with human personalizes and some clothing, but still very animal like, like Beatrice Potter characters! I loved those when I was little. Also Redwall.
      My sister has an MLP:FiM party yesterday, though I'm not obsessed with it like she and her buds are I kinda want a Night Mare BJD (probably off topic but still really cool)
    10. I've been into the furry fandom long before I got into bjd's. I've made a suit or two, go to the occasional furcon, and also consider myself a furry artist. But I'm also an anime fan. So they all sort of jive together. lol. But to me the hobbies crossed because I'm into sewing. So sewing for suits, is slowly morphing into attempts to sew to make doll clothes. But since I got into the furry fandom first, the doll hobby has kind of been a nice break from it. And when I do get bored of the dolls, and their projects, I can always go back to the furry fandom. And Vice verse. Lately though, I've been into the dolls a little more. My first doll was a tiny Dollfactory fennec, and my current layaway is on a pipos Charlotte. So it was the anthro dolls that first attracted me. But also, I have a big love for soom, and fairyland!

      I do wish there were more furry based bjd's though. But this might be a good thing, for my wallet's sake.
    11. I was a furry before I liked BJDs. I'm a macaw actually and I wish there were bird anthro BJDs! I'd kill for an owl *A* Or an adultlike anthro dog, German Shepherd maybe <3
    12. I'm not really a furry, but I do have lots of fun drawing them.
    13. I is a furry, (see name) and have drawn my Evildemoncat. Soom's getting closer to full furry for their dollies, but some, I fear, would be rather difficult to put into resin form. I would KILL for an anthro dragon. Wings, tail, claws, digigrade feet, and an actual dragon head. But, that would be rather difficult me thinks.

    14. I myself am not a furry, but I am a supporter of furries. It seems to me that they get a lot of flack more than other groups on the internet, and I quite frequently have to tell people off for being jerks towards them (Both over the internet and at conventions - a Sydney convention I went to recently had people being jerks to the most amazing cosplayers I've ever seen, simply because the cosplays were fur suits. I got... angry...). So I'm a furry supporter and a dolly collector. ^_^

      I have a couple of mythical creature dolls (centaurs and augmented human-dragon) but am yet to see a full anthro doll that I really love. I have plans to turn one of my dolls into a naga, when I have the materials and the time.
    15. Strangely tonight i dreamt my husband was wearing a hamster fursuit.

      I blame this thread.
    16. I don't consider myself a furry, but I guess you could say I'm a furry supporter as well. I have a few animal characters and admire furry/anthro art. I've also chatted for several years on a graphical chat that is sort of furry-themed/wolf-themed.
    17. I simply see being a furry as liking the look of anthropomorphic characters. That's it. Suiting up, having a 'fursona', role-playing with others or drawing furries is not required. So by that definition (if there's some 'proper' definition of furry that I'm missing I do apologize but I just don't see being labeled as a furry as that big a deal.) yes, I am a furry. I suppose I don't really understand the need to 'balance out' between a furry hobby and the BJD hobby since for me, being a fur-lover pretty much doesn't require all that much dedicated time and money and aside from fursuiters I don't imagine why would it for anyone else either. But I admittedly don't know TOO much about the furry fandom, simply that every once in a blue moon I'll draw a furry when the itch is there and I like looking at others' artwork. I don't own any anthropomorphic dolls as I don't consider anything with a human face to fall into that realm even if they have hooves or paws, and if I did own an animal BJD it would be strictly 100% animal.
    18. I did NOT expect this to pop up here! C'mon people....my handle is RACOONDEVIL!!! I love furries and people who just like to have fun with it! The most i did was coon ears, a fake racoon tail (if love them then WHY would i harm one?), red contacts and a lil blackened nose. Funny enough i would actually like the suit.....strange i know. I also draw furries also but thats a whole different thing... But BJD is alot more accessible for me and is a huge break from my routine. I love my boys. I look things up about them and have much of my time just used researching.
    19. howdy long time no talk

      but yeah i think companies would make tons of money if they made larger anthros
    20. yeah its nice meeting people who even have crossover hobbies :)
      yeah thats what i figured with the anthro art cause you draw it as well you would just need one extra outlet XD