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A Good Place To Find Kid Dollfie.

Jul 24, 2009

    1. Hey everyone. This is my first post here, but I have a question for all of you. I have a couple MSD dolls, one boy and one girl, but I would like one more Dollfie. I would like a kid, a boy to be exact. Can anyone tell me a good site to find kid dollfie? I have searched many sites, but a lot of them only have a very small selection of kids. I do like the LUTS Kid-Delf. Anyway, I would really appriciat it if you all good help me.

      -Thank you. :3
    2. I think an excellent choice might be a Dollmore Narsha or one of the Narsha Friend dolls.

      Here you can find all the different Narshas(boys and girls):

      And here you can find the Narsha Friend dolls(boys and girls):

      There are several styles of Narsha including ones cast in french resin and urethane resin. The french resin I have heard yellows faster than the urethane but has a wonderful translucent sort of coloring to it. These are really beautiful dolls and would make great kids:)
    3. Ah, thank you. I will look into them. :3
    4. I have thought of another question. While searching myself I found a unique boy called Chubby-Demon, with little horns and all, and I do like him very much. But the pictures they show do not give the little doll justice, so has anyone else boughtone of these? And do you have pictures I could take a look at? :3
    5. Have you tried doing a simple search in the galleries for the mold name? Or doing a search for that line here in the Tinies thread? You're sure to get some information on the quirks of the doll there as well.
    6. Just so you know the Luts Kid Delf is MSD sized.