Update A group of dolls at Ringdoll will be discontinued and discount offered on Twitter!

Apr 7, 2016

    1. Dear All,

      We are sorry to announce that Sol,Norman and Kay of Classic Series at Ringdoll will be discontinued on May 18th.
      In addition,the following dolls&body type will also be discontinued then:
      Ring Grown:Carlos,Lulu
      Ring Teenager: Don,Spencer,Ashford,Dian,Chai,Akito,Wagashi
      Ring Kid:En,Kyo
      Ring Sweet:Bobo,Nana
      Body type:RTbody-2(in teenager size)

      After they are discontinued,basic dolls&body type will no longer be available for order(accessories excluded).

      Ringdoll Team

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    2. Will the clothing for these dolls still be available?
    3. Will it be only Norman 1.0 or is Norman 2.0 also being discontinued?
    4. I second this.

      Will Norman 2.0 still be available for order after May 18th?
    5. Ringdoll Special Discount offered on Twitter

      To thank all your love and support for these to-be-discontinued dolls at Ringdoll,we are holding a final event for them before they will be discontined.

      Retweet this and you can get 8% discount for your purchase on any of the to-be discontinued dolls(One doll for each allowed).Please send the screenshot of your retweet to [email protected] for purchase,or to Ringdoll official dealers for purchase.

      Thank you for your love and support all the time,we are keeping working on more briliant dolls and
      our Army group will be continued.

      The link on Twitter:https://twitter.com/ringdoll/status/719819744744878080
      The link on website:http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=332

    6. Norman 2.0 is a different sculpt. Norman 1.0, Sol and Kay are ALL the same sculpt.
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    7. Can the new discount be combined with the Easter event?
    8. Yes,only Norman 1.0 will be discontinued on May 18th.
    9. Yes,my friend.The two can be combined.
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    10. Geez! Bobo and Nana were the only dolls in that (sweeter) size. Are they discontinuing the sweeter size altogether?