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A hybrid doll as a first doll?

Apr 29, 2017

    1. Curious to know what people's opinions are on hybrid dolls and newbies hybriding for their first doll.
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    2. If it's a hybrid you know is going to work out (resin matches nicely, little or no modding) then I don't see the harm in having a hybrid as a first doll! I wouldn't recommend trying out a hybrid if you have no idea if it's going to work out and no one else has done it before because then you might end up with a doll you don't want to do anything with because it doesn't look how you wanted it to. With your first doll, you want to be able to play with it pretty much right away, so try to go for a hybrid people have done so you know it's going to work out.
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    3. That's kind of funny, because I broke all those rules, but I was lucky that it turned out okay. I did do months of research (and did a last minute, unknown match anyway), but I figure a lot of people wouldn't want to wait that long. So I say it depends on how patient you are and how much risk you are willing to take that it won't work out.
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    4. Hybrids are fun :) There's many reasons to make one. Just look around and see the bodies you would like for the head you chose, then research resin match and neck size, that will be the important info to know if you need neck mods and blushing.

      Look around the forum there's many posts showing hybrids and people also do post comparison by request :) @Musume also had posts about hybrids on 1/4 size if I'm not mistaken
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    5. I think a lot of the reason people don't recommend hybrids for people's first doll is that if you are the sort of person who needs the combination to work 100% out of the box[es], you might be disappointed (unless, of course, the hybrid has already been tried).

      Another reason is that you will likely not receive both the head and body at once (unless it's an intra-company hybrid), so if you need to have the whole doll immediately to bond with it (and waiting--perhaps months--to have a doll complete with a floating head or body would turn you off), hybriding may also disappoint you.

      Personally, I need to hybrid my dolls because I very rarely like both the head and the body of a particular doll. I wouldn't enjoy a doll if I hated the head or the body.

      If you want to hybrid, I'd say go for it! I enjoy the process, slowly putting together the perfect frankendolly. If the hybrid doesn't work out perfectly (like the neck is too wide, too long, not long enough, etc.), I'm comfortable enough modding it.

      I think that for hybrids, you just have to:

      1) do your research (all hybrids will need research--bobble or pin headedness is very hard to fix, and if you are unwilling to do mods, you need to do even more research)

      and 2) don't strive for 100% perfect right off the bat. The resin match may be very close, but need to be blushed to match, or if you aren't comfortable hybriding, you may have to find other ways of fixing the problem, like neck donuts or sending the doll away to be modded. Hybridization requires a certain degree of adaptability and sometimes, compromise.
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    6. Hybrids can be a challenge. Even with the best info and input and photos, you can attempt a hybrid and still have it not work out. (People's ideas of style and proportion can vary greatly, so someone's success can be another owner's failure and vice versa.) A failed hybrid can be very disappointing. I think a lot of oldies want newbies to have a good dolly experience getting into BJDs, want them to love the hobby as much as they do. I think they caution newbies about going the hybrid route in hopes of saving them from frustration right from the start.

      That said, I think if anyone wants to try a hybrid they should give it a go. The first piece of a doll I ever received was a body, just a body. (I thought it was cool on it's own!) I did my research ahead of time and was reasonably sure the head I wanted would fit and match, and three months later when the head arrived, it turned out I was right. I have had similar luck with hybrids ever since. Most of my crew is comprised of hybrids. I've had a few hybrid experiments crash and burn, but that it inevitable if you keep at it.

      I have found that my standards for color matching have changed over time. I used to aim for like a 90% match or better, but I care less about that now. If the style/look combo of the head and body is right, but the color match is not so great I just can't be bothered. They're my dolls, I mostly look at them in my dark house, and I almost never take pics. *shrugs* If it bothers somebody else's sensibilities, I am happy to tell them the my own head and body aren't the same colors either. heh.
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    7. I just adopted a hybrid and just love him. I'm looking to hybrid my Migidoll Shion head from 2010. I think it's a great to be able to switch up bodies so that you can bring your OC to life.
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    8. Hybriding dolls can save money. I have an idea for an IOS Anarmonia, but cannot justify £533 for a doll. I don't know about how perfect a match it will be, but someone has already suggested a ResinSoul bigger boy body. Altogether, that would be £278, without postage. That's almost half price to the complete IOS doll! So, hybriding can save money, which is a difficult thing to accomplish in this hobby.

      But, it's a fine art in itself. Matching resin colours, proportions, etc. It's not something I would recommend for a first doll, unless a lot of research is done before.
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    9. Almost half of my dolls are hybrids, so obviously, I have nothing against them!

      For a newbie, it's definitely going to require more researching, planning and risk taking than buying a full doll, and it may end up being more expensive, depending on what companies you go with and shipping cost. It may require dyeing or painting one piece to match in color, and it may require a neck mod to fit the head. If you are willing to do all of the research and possible mods needed and still take a risk, or if a mismatch in color or proportion doesn't bother you, go for it!

      I didn't get a hybrid until my 6th doll, mostly because I had no clue how to go about it, and even when I did, it was just sort of...okayish. I was going for cheap, so I dealt with the less-than-perfect hybrid for awhile, but eventually sold it. I still hybrid often, usually because my characters should have a certain face and certain body type that are often not sold together. To me, the body is as important as the head, so I don't like settling for a body that doesn't fit my character.
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    10. I think if the newbie knows the possible pitfalls involved with hybriding and does their research, then there's no reason they shouldn't go for it. :3 Same as people wanting to get blank dolls or project dolls for their first--for some people the process of making it work or doing the actual hands-on bits of painting or assembly is a part of the appeal in the hobby. Some people want the "ready-to-play-with" doll experience, and some people want to have the paints and sewing machine out and waiting for their new arrival.

      It's just a matter of doing your research first, and being sure that this is the route you want to go with a first doll.

      And if you fall in love with a head from a company that *only* does heads, then you're going to have a hybrid from the start! ^///^
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    11. Like others have said: if you really want to hybrid for your first doll, be prepared for either a loooot of research or a loooot of disappointment. I feel like if you're making a hybrid as your first doll and it doesn't work, you're gonna be feeling a lot worse than if it's your fourth or fifth doll and you've gotten used to the ups and downs of the hobby. This being said, if you find a hybrid that works and is perfect for your character, then it could be a fantastic first doll experience.

      I'd say my bottom line would be...be careful. I think you're more likely to have a good experience with a first doll if you just get a full doll. And hey; if you hate the body after getting that doll, you can always sell the body and make a hybrid then. :3nodding: But if you try to hybrid for your first doll and it doesn't work and you're left with a headless body and a bodiless head and nothing to show for a whole bunch of money and waiting...doesn't sound too great to me. It just depends on the risks you're willing to take!
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    12. I do have a tip on hybrids for beginners:

      If you don't mind white resin, a lot of the Chinese companies have matching whites. Doll Zone, Doll Leaves, Doll Legend, Doll Chateau, etc. I've found that a couple of my heads from lesser-known companies aren't too many shades off from this "standard white" either. Even my Souldolls match it. The only problem here, of course, is that it's limiting as far as resin color. But if you want a quick easy hybrid, this usually works.

      I would still recommend doing research, though. Just to be sure.
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    13. Wow, that's pretty cool I didn't know that at all :D thanks for the tip!
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    14. I am still such a newbie I am nervous about it, but I think in the future there are certain headsculpts I want that I am just going to have to hybrid. I am desperate for an infernale head but I don't want to pay the full price of the doll. When I get a little more saved up I think I am going to have to put on my big girl panties, be brave, and go for it.
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    15. @Scorpina I know Resinsoul's 72cm make body makes a really good hybrid with the infernale head and their dolls are pretty reasonable--so you could get a good in between price. But I can definitely understand not wanting to hybrid right away @_@ they definitely seen difficult to do.
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    16. My first hybrid was Switch Rion on Angell Studio's 74cm body. It took me a few weeks and a few eye-strains to see if their resin match. In the end, I heck cared and got the body in Solid butter. Thank god it matched!
    17. My second doll is a hybrid. I compared the recommended body for the artsit head I ordered and found it close enough to the Luts senior65 which I knew I could get rather easily. So I just went for it. I ordered a full blank doll from luts just in case the artist head really didn't work, then I would still have a full doll to enjoy. The artist head is noticeably smaller than the luts head, but it still looks proportional seeing as luts heads are rather oversized to begin with. Skin tone is pretty off, but after a face up and some clothes you can't really tell. One day my artist head may be moved to another body and I'll put the luts head back on. Until then I have a spare head for face-up practice!

      So I say go for it and maybe order a head along with your body if you're really worried? Otherwise just have fun with it. If it works out poorly then meh, just try something else down the road and enjoy what you have to work with. I know as an art hobby its intimidating to see other people's amazing work and all you want is to have your doll be as beautiful as theirs. But art has a learning curve and we don't all have the same time to curate skills or the same creative intuition. So it can be a downer when your doll doesn’t fit your imagination. But if you keep expectations manageable and just enjoy the creative opportunities, then it's pretty easy to enjoy things. My hybrid doll definitely isn't a stunner with my rudimentary face-up and all, but I like him and we have a good time together. So everything is going pretty great!
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