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Oct 21, 2019

    1. --Mod Note--

      At this time Tokissi's 'Big Toki' line, and Alice, and The White Rabbit, are on topic for DoA. :)
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    2. Not sure if it is proper to ask here but I can't use the search function to find any information about this at this moment...

      I was attracted by the Alice series from this company with the beautiful face-up and body blushing, but I can't find any body comparison between their 17cm doll with other similar size doll...

      They are going to start a new pre-order activity this week and I am planning to make an order, but still a bit worried about the clothes size... just want to ask if any member here owned a 17cm doll from this company and also dolls like honey delf or dearmine benas or obitsu that can have a body comparison :abow:....

      Thanks :abow:
    3. I don't have any experience with this company, but based on the fact that they're 17 cm, I think dolls like Realfees and Tiny Delfs are going to be a better comparison. Honey Delfs and other yos are usually around the 30 cm range.
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    4. @manaphyyy Thanks for mentioning Tiny Delfs!! I am too excited about the new campaign and forget about other dolls...
    5. The DoA mod team has not heard of this company before, so we will have lock this thread while we review them for topicality. :)

      We will reopen the thread if they are deemed on topic!
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    6. Hi again guys! :) Some of Tokissi's dolls are on topic! Please check the first post~
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