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A Letter from Volks to people who attended opening day

Nov 29, 2005

    1. Hi, Ya'll! I figured that Volks did not have the email addresses of everyone who visited Volks' new Tenshi No Sumika in LA, USA (Torrance). I got this letter from Volks today, and I thought that you would like to read it since it concerns all of ya'll who visited! :)!

      I certainly will remember so very fondly Volks' first USA opening for a very long time. Enjoy!

    2. AWWWW!!! That's so wonderful!! :chibi

      I love you, Volks!!! :D
    3. And it popped up just as I was about to compose a letter of "Thanks for the LA party!"

      Funny how these things are timed.

      (speaking of such, should I send that email to mail@, thus replying to this email, or the imos@ address from the main page?
    4. It's so wonderful that Volks enjoyed our presence as much as we enjoyed theirs! That's heartening that they were so happy with it, and hopefully it will bode good for the future of Volks in the U.S.!
    5. That's so lovely! Volks make me all warm and squishy inside :)
    6. That was really nice of them, it was amazing to be able to be there the day at the opening. *sending cyber hugs to the Volks staff*
    7. *gets warm fuzzies* I'm so glad we made a good impression and that things went so nicely! :)

      Thanks for sharing that with us, Aimee!
    8. Their English is so cute ^_^ I love reading announcements from them.
    9. I love them... (T____T)

      I still want to run up and glomp as many as I can. x3
    10. i just got one in my e-mail. it made my day all better!! (it was a stressful day) i love volks!!!!
    11. That is really wonderful. I just love Volks, they try to think of everything.
    12. Awww that was so sweet of the pres. to send a letter like that. i can't wait til i get to go next spring to the shop!!!!
    13. thats so wonderful...the more i hear from them the more i love them. <3
    14. What a lovely thing to do ^^ I was very touched to receive that in my email as well!
    15. Can you believe it they thanked us! I sent a Thank you to them a few days ago, and never expected a responce even a group one. They are just the BEST. I love love Love Volks!
    16. I wasn't even THERE and I'm touched. lol Looks like all you yahoos that stood in the lines made a good impression on the Volks crew.
    17. that's so sweet ;_;
      yaaayy volks ppl! ^0^
      I love volks even more now! :D
    18. That's great ^^ Hey, maybe in a few year's time they'll open up a place on the East coast (NYC, mayhaps? XD) Everyone at Volks are so sweet ^^
    19. That's really nice of them :)