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A little thread about tan colours

May 20, 2017

    1. Hello everyone!
      Do you like tan coloured dolls? Why?
      Which doll company tan skin colour do you personnaly prefer and why?
    2. I love tan colored dolls! There's so much versatility and...well, personally, I love darker-skinned people IRL.

      I'm not really sure if I have a favorite company color though...

      Of the companies I've seen, Iple's Real Skin is beautiful, as is their Light Brown. I love Fairyland's kind of red-ish brown tan skin, as well. It kind of reminds me of Native American skin colors, tbh. Bobobie's original tan skin was lovely, but I'm not sure if they still make it.

      Umm... trying to think... I'm not sure what other company tans I've seen are...

      Tan skin is lovely and I really wish more people had them!
    3. I love Island Doll's dark tan (you can see my girl with it in my avatar). So many other tans are really light or orangey. But I really like those dark, cool tan colors. The only annoying part is the price of color matching the body I want. :sigh
    4. I love tan dolls! I also find it's easier to see and photograph all the lovely sculpting detail on darker resin colours because it reflects less light.

      I think the Luts tan is my favorite; it's a really nice colour.

      I had two tan dolls previously. I was annoyed with the very noticeable discoloration from the company's seam line sanding on one (a DikaDoll) and ended up selling the doll because the sanding marks irritated me (poor thing looked like she had severe burn scars; not a look I was going for). I'm a little hesitant to buy any more tan dolls due to this past issue, but if I can be guaranteed a future tan doll won't have bad sanding scars, I'd love to get another. :)
    5. They are beautiful what is not to like.

      I like the brown tan UV and rosy brown UV from Withdoll, milk cocoa skin from Souldoll, tan skin from Luts, dark tan from Island Doll, light brown and ebony from Iplehouse, Pipo's tan, Supia's tan and Dollzone's tan, suntan by Peakswoods.

      I'm probably forgoting some.

      It make me want to have at last one doll of each, having focus is hard.
    6. When I started in this hobby, I really enjoyed the normal/pink skin resin color dolls had until I bought my lovely Iplehouse EID Aurora in realskin.

      Looking at the color of her caramelized resin, I realized that I could identify with a skin tone that was closest to mine.

      Not only that, but I also enjoyed taking cellphone pictures of Aurora.
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    7. I've owned a lot of tan dolls: Little Rebel, Luts, BlueBlood Doll, Jie Doll, Iplehouse, Fairyland, ResinSoul. Impldoll, Islandoll, dollzone, Angel of Dream, April Story...and probably several others I've currently forgotten.

      Of all of those, I think Little Rebel, Jie Doll and BlueBlood were the prettiest, in my opinion. Pretty brown (not orange) color, no sanding marks or seam line visible, didn't turn green.
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    8. I love tan dolls! I wish they weren't so expensive. I love the souldoll cocoa skin. I wish pink wasn't considered the "normal" skin as, A. There is no such thing as "normal" colored skin, and B. I wish you didn't have to shell out an extra $50 dollars to have a little diversity in your collection.
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    9. Love them :D Right now I have a Merry Doll Round Ophelia in cookie skin and it's beautiful. I also have two Volks SDMidis in sunlight on order, so I'll have to see how that looks in person ^-^
      I really want a couple of darker tan dolls too though. I LOVE MDR's new dark cocoa skin.
    10. I have an Iplehouse light brown head, ebony EiD Kamau ands Soom Vesuvia body in bronze, as well as a dollshe caramel brown boy on order, and a ringdoll tan doll on order. I love angell-studio tan as well, and I've owned a dollshe pale tan head which was a nice colour. The Soom is a bit orange, but there are some awesome tans out there.
    11. I haven't yet gotten a tan doll, but I'm looking forward to adding both of Resinsoul's tan/brown resins to my collection eventually. I just really want to have a good spread of different resin tones in my collection-- and I want a couple of specific characters to be able to be shelled and cosplayed, which calls for darker resin.
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    12. Well, I'm mixed race and I love the variety of colours BJDs come in. I'm collecting the main characters from my novels and the two so far are pale, but I have a few others who range from Mediterranean tanned (who might be a commission or sculpted by me, as I've never seen a doll that looks enough like him!) to black, so I'll be getting them as well at some point!
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    13. I really really like tan dolls!
      Currently I'm waiting for my first tan doll, who is a minifee by fairyland. Their sculpts are just super cute and elegant.
      Also the fairyland tan is one of my favorite tan tones, since i think it looks very fantasy-like if it is combined with light hair~
      At least that is what i plan to do with her^^
      I'm very excited to work with her since i only have one with light skintone yet.
    14. Oh, I love tan dolls! My resin soul Dong is kind of a gray-ish tan. It looks okay. My DragonSoul Upsilon, though, has a beautiful shade of tan. It's freaking flawless. There's just so much variety in tan skin dolls from company to company, I love it!
    15. I really like tan dolls, I have a love-hate relationship with how many shades of 'tan' there are. I love that there are a lot of variations, but it makes hybriding a lot harder :sweat

      I only have 3 different tan dolls so far, but I like all of them. My current preference is leaning towards Soom's Tawny right now, but I'll need to see more tans irl before I can make a proper decision haha :lol:
    16. Oh yes, I like tan colored dolls! :kitty2 I have a couple tanned dolls myself and gotta say the skin tone is very lovely! They are also easier to photograph because they won't look too washed-out compared to white skin and some normal skin dolls.

      So far, my favorite tanned skins are Iplehouse's Real Skin, Soom's Tawny Skin and Switch's Mocha Brown skin. I haven't own or seen other companies' tanned skin dolls in person before, but based on companies' photos there are some like Souldoll's that look nice too! Maybe I might be tempted in future to get those? :lol:
    17. I love tan dolls, but I only have one (a Volks Sunlight skin boy). His tan is very light and I'd love to own a truly dark, dark tan doll. Dark tan environmental resin (such as Island Doll) is particularly lovely :)
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    18. Yes, I have two light tan dolls and one that I would say is medium tan, and they are gorgeous. I love how they photograph! I would like to add one more tan doll to my collection, but it would have to be a Soom Idealian with fantasy parts (hooves preferred) but what I want doesn't exist yet. All I can do is wait and hope!
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    19. I love tans and browns, the doll market is so saturated with pink, yellow and white dolls and it's taken years for many companies to get around to making BROWN which annoys me, several companies still only do "generic peachy tone" and i find it so restrictive.
      I mean, people come in all shades, so missing one pretty major skin tone like brown really really ticks me off. It feels wrong.

      From a creative perspective as well, I tend toward either fantasy tones or darker skin tones in my characters anyway, so it drives me insane that so many company's idea of "tan" is "faintly darker olive tone" rather than actually a light brown colour.
      I want human skin tones that aren't just "white person" you know? I like diversity in my dolly collection and I don't want to be restricted in what should be a fairly obvious addition (I accept not doing fantasy tones, but if you're making human dolls I kinda feel like you SHOULD produce a range of human skin tones beyond pinky peach and yellowy peach)

      I only own one tan doll currently, a resinsoul ming in dark tan and it's a lovely milk chocolate sort of colour which is perfect. It's very nice and even as well.

      I'm trying to shell four ocs of mine who all happen to be "tan" skintones though, and whoo ee it's awkward.
      I'm looking at Souldoll sculpts and their tan just doesn't seem to be tan enough for me, it's sort of "went out in the sun for a few hours" tan rather than a natural mid tone brown that i'd like.
      I'm thinking i'd have to dye them to get them dark enough, bah.

      Ideal world, we'd be able to get every sculpt from every company in any dang colour lol, or at least a broad range of human colours. I mean a lot of people don't ever bother with blue or green dolls but there's gotta be loads of people who want properly tan, olive skinned or actually black characters right? It kinda bugs me so many of my non white characters are so dang hard to shell because of their skin tones more than their facial features. Like COME ON.

      Still, it's better than it was back when I first stumbled into the world of bjds. I mean back then it really was 3 options. White, pink, yellow.
      That's really restrictive and I find really limiting. I like colour, I like options. I like options that aren't limited time events too, that bugs the heck outta me. And that don't cost the earth (I get that darker colours will cost more to cast, but sometimes the extra cost is a bit too steep I feel.)

      I'm pleased there's a lot of companies who do offer tan skin, and in a variety of shades of it. I'm just cranky because the sculpts I need for certain ocs don't come in said shades lol.
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    20. Granado has some beautiful tans and browns. One of my favorites is their chocolate, which looks just like the name. ;)
      I also like Supia's dark tan, more of a burnt sugar color.