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A New boy from Dolkot - Hara

Mar 24, 2006

    1. I just saw this in my inbox ^_^ He looks quite sweet!~ but Im not sure hes my type >_<, I thought people may be interested.
      Im not so good at reading korean, but I think hes going to be out for preorder in april.


    2. Did you see the other pic of him under his description?
    3. I'm interested in getting a doll from them someday. Their site is hard to navigate. Is there an English version? :?

      I'm getting the hang of surfing their site. It's just a bit difficult. I wonder if I have room for FIVE dolls? :P
    4. I emailed Dollmore. They can order them for us. $500 base price with no makeup. Count your pennies! :sumomo:
    5. are those pictures of 'hara' on dolkot.com other pictures of the new boy? he looks nice and heavy lidded! and could make a nice girl too..
    6. So his name is going to be Hara? Is that official? I do like his looks very, very much (that is a very mild understatement). ^-^
    7. Oh wow~ The photos are so nice there!
      It says that He/She who wrote the diary (gomidoll) made the head only, and they are releasing it at dolkot. Im not sure about the body or the styling. So the head is made by gomidoll!~ *_*
    8. Gomi has confirmed HaRa is their prototype doll selling only in Dollkot ^_^
    9. Am I crazy or have we not seen him before? I'm so sorry if this has been posted before and I missed it....

      Dolknot Hara ver. 02

      Looks like they won't be shipping him until April 25
      He comes in both normal and white skin.