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a new tiny BJD ?

Apr 26, 2005

    1. Now THAT is a funny looking little fellow :lol:
    2. LOL I have to agree
      I like the body
      he/she/ it reminds me of something /someone
      and I love how its presented , the carry case and clothes
    3. Chuckie, from Rugrats maybe? XD Very cute though ^_^
    4. "The sun will come ooouuuuuut, tomorrow..."

      I think the face is cute, but that wig is silly!

    5. ROFL :grin:
    6. neat!! It's Pippi Longstocking!
    7. Wow, that is just plain cute! He come with the cutest bag on the YJ auction. Looks almost like a lunchbox....
    8. I love him/her! Like a little sprite! I'm curious to know more...
    9. Looks like a hobbit to me...really hate that red wig too! He is adorable, hope you get one
    10. Lolly I hadnt thougt of that

      no Im not getting it ...not this time
      I have just bought Hound and a "New Girl" I am planning,
      so no more small ones for me ..not for a while
    11. Okay, so it is a little funny looking, but he is just the cutest little thing! S/he needs a new wig, and maybe larger eyes, but this might be my mini. :D
    12. I like Mr goose and the chick too (it's called Mr. arrogant :D )
    13. What comes to mind for me is trolls. You know those ones that everyone was carrying around for good luck? Or Chucky from Child's Play! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK JK LOL!
    14. At the top of your screen, find the pull down menu called View, then scroll down to Character Coding, then click on Korean and the page should automaticly reload in Korean. That is if you are using Netscape or Firefox. I think that IE is similar, but I would get rid of it and switch to Firefox just in case...
    15. personally, i'm terrified...
    16. They also have some interesting MSD sized clothes. Very fruitsy and cute. I feel the need to get out my debit card...
    17. Did anyone actually order from this store yet? I really like the clothing style, and that little pippi is just too cute!