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A question about Delf heads - difference in head sculpt between old and new bodies

Oct 11, 2008

    1. Is there any difference in the headmold when you chose 'old body' vs 'new body', other then the shape of the neck hole? These are the sleeping heads in the option parts section.

      I know that 'new type' body means they will have that funny-shaped neck hole for the twisty neck part-

      -but I also know that some headmolds have gotten smaller in the transition from the old bodies to the new body, notably the Chiwoo head.

      I'm going to be buying a Sleeping Chiwoo head soon (Yay, Alicestor's head! :aheartbea), and am going to put it on a girl body, so size is really a factor.

      So I guess what I'm asking is: Are they using the older, larger mold for the old body option?

      I'd really appreciate any feedback on this! (sorry for putting another question post up so soon after the other one :sweat)
    2. The Type 1 heads are obviously larger in person than the type 2 ones (at least with shiwoo, chiwoo, and El..I haven't compared the others). Its not a HUGE difference, but enough to be obvious when comparing them side by side. The features also look more delicate on the type 2 heads. I'd suggest type 2 for a girl (much less of a bobble head look)
    3. Thank you! That was really helpful. I'll get the type 2 head then. :)
    4. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if choosing Chiwoo Type 2 will mean he won't fit on a Type 1 body? D:
    5. If you get the type 2 neck piece, he can fit onto the type 1 body.
    6. Anyone have a comparison pic of the type 1 and 2 regular shiwoo?
      I hear the type 2 head is larger,but not on the dreaming head.