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A squirrel (Nobility Scon)

Apr 17, 2008

    1. http://www.nobilitydoll.com/index.php A squirrel soon to be available. Looks like open and closed eyes and removable teeth.Is this on topic? I suppose until full photos are up, we won't know.
    2. Omg! I LOOVE SQUIRRELS! They look cuuuute.
    3. Oh, those are funny little faces! They make me laugh... in a good way! I'm glad they are doing something a bit different with the sculpts--making them look very unique. :)
    4. Well I hope he won't become OT... looks like we'll have to see when they post more pictures. I hope they have elbow and knee joints.
    5. Looks like one of the original Chipmunks - probably Simon (as opposed to Alvin or Theodore - Theodore had the glasses on right?)

      edited to add, I just did a Google and it looks even more like the new Chipmunks.
    6. Simon had glasses, Theodore was the chubby one.
    7. this doll is adorable! i want. i hope he is around for a bit because unless someone gives me money or i win a lottery it will take me time for me to come up the funds. this year has been insane for the dolls that i want.

    8. thanks, I can only tell when they wear the sweatshirts with an initial on the front!
    9. yup she is right. i work at a metal recycler and one of the operators or truck drivers gets on the CB once in awhile and plays a chipmunk like song- except they swear and talk about kicking someones a** (not sure if actually swearing is allowed on DoA but you know). its hilarious!
    10. Even if they are off topic here, you can always talk about them at the animalBJDs group. See link in my signature. I really want to see these little fellas in all their glory.
    11. Ok... these guys are a riot. I love em.
    12. This is the cutest ever, hope they'll show more pics soon! ^__^
    13. Does anyone know what date Scon will be released? And what he will cost?
    14. Is so cute, if they keep making all of these cute animals...I am going to end up with a bjd farm.

    15. I don't know how much they are, but the release date is 24th April according to their site.A farm would be fab, Geri.
    16. I will love to see more pictures!!!
      They look cute!

    17. I'm temporarily closing this thread as Scon is being discussed by the mods on whether it is off-topic or not.
    18. Reopening thread since Scon has been deemed on-topic by the mods. Thanks for your patience
    19. I absolutely love Scon...he looks like the squirrels used here to promote a certain supermarket...He really makes me smile :)
    20. I have never been at all interested in the pet dolls but I think he is positively adorable. I have to agree that "Alvin & the Chipmunks" was the first thing I thought when I saw him too. ;)